They have denied themselves everything for years, and today they cannot pay the installments.  “I see in them a sense of failure in life”

Robert Damski is the bailiff of the District Court in Lipno, about 50 kilometers from Toruń. He has been in the profession for 25 years. As TOK FM says, during visits to debtors’ homes, the topic of the economic crisis in Poland comes up more and more often.

– The situation is getting more and more difficult, and let’s remember that things must be done brow They come only after the court decision. So there is some time shift. I am convinced that within 3-4 months we will have a flood of liquidity issues. This wave is already visible, but it is coming only for good. A person who previously paid, for example, a loan installment of one thousand zlotys, now has two thousand. And many times I stopped servicing the loan, because there was nothing to use it for – says Damsky.

He adds that from the people he visits – especially in Kujawsko-Pomorsky – he hears more and more: “If it weren’t for Putin, I wouldn’t have had this situation” or “If it weren’t for our politicians who took care of themselves, I wouldn’t have a problem.” – Many people compare the money they earn with what they have to pay, but it does not balance in any way. And these people, standing against the wall, are trying to save themselves without paying off the loan. There’s anger, indecision, and depression, Damsky says.

Believe Robert Damsky picture. Anna Jmetrek-Zapuka / TOK FM Radio

Depression, anxiety and fear of debtors

The record tells us that he sees depression or emotional breakdown more and more in his clients. – I am not a psychologist, but 25 years of experience in this profession taught me that in the first place you need to listen to a person in order to learn about his life situation. And I’ve never been to so many people I talk to, and during that conversation I feel helpless. These are people who have been pushed to the brink of despair – says TOK FM guest.

As he explains, so is it for mortgages. – They often set aside money for many years, and collect money for their own contribution, often at the cost of many sacrifices, and today it turns out that after the increases interest rates They cannot pay the installments and their apartment may become an issue bidding. In such situations, I hear more and more: “Mr. Bayleaf, what do I have left?” It’s terrifying, – adds Damsky.

Young Poles have huge debtsThe 24-year-old from Wroclaw has 625k. Bad debt. It’s a record

Bailiffs assure that many debtors are people who have been paying installments regularly for months or even years. It was a priority for them. But today they are unable to cope. – I see in them a sense of failure in life, that something did not work out for them. Sometimes the reason is a job loss, other times the illness or death of a loved one. I often hear: “I really paid off this loan – I refused to eat, buy new clothes and other things, and tried to save on this.” These people are trying to pay off the loan to the end, but they are standing up against the wall, – says Damsky. Because they get huge rent increases, high electric or gas bills, and their bills payroll They stand motionless.

The bailiff cannot seize the minimum wage

He adds that people with the lowest national salary are in the best condition — surprisingly. Today, it is PLN 3,490 in total, which is PLN 2,709 on hand (it will increase from July). As we hear less pay The bailiff cannot seize – even 10 percent of it. – It’s completely different in the case of pensioners – here you can take a quarter, even if the pension is only PLN 1,500. This is not fair, – explains our interlocutor.

Robert Damsky shows that this law and no other law causes people with the lowest national credit to often take out loans, often at bush businesses, and then not pay them back. – Because if 10 or 20 percent of their salary could be collected, it might make those people not look for any more loans. Now they are looking for more loans, seeing that they feel no consequences because they already have one or two or three loans. Because nothing happens with her, – explains our interlocutor.

According to the National Debt Register dataThat in 2023 there will be more debtors, the number of insolvencies between businesses and consumers will increase, and more cases will go to debt collection. The KRD report also shows that at the end of December 2022, the debts of 2.38 million consumers included in the KRD amounted to PLN 44.4 billion, PLN 264,000. Entrepreneurs amounted to approximately PLN 8.6 billion.

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