Jay Leno shows off his ‘new face’ after his 3rd degree burns

Host Jay Leno revealed his “new face” when he appeared on Kelly Clarkson’s show on Wednesday after suffering major burns.

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Former star on the head Tonight’s show Last November, he suffered 3rd degree burns to his face, chest and hands after an incident in his garage.

Jay Leno is in remission at the Grossman Burn Center

Grossman Burn Center

Jay Leno is in remission at the Grossman Burn Center

“I was working on a car and there was gasoline in my face and I caught fire,” explained the 72-year-old man in an interview with Clarkson. “They all got 3rd degree burns. It was really bad.”

Jay Leno, who was transferred to the Grossman Burn Center for 10 days, received multiple skin grafts instead of surgery, reports said. New York Post.

“You’d think there was a zipper,” joked the American, referring to his post-crash face.

Also, shortly after his stay at the Grossman Center, while still in remission, Leno was involved in a second accident, this time on a motorcycle in which he broke several bones.

“I now have a broken collarbone, two ribs and two knees,” he said.

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