They find an abandoned Volvo showroom.  There are 30 years old unused cars behind the glass!

What discovery are we talking about? As we can see in Paul Drury’s post on the “Abandoned, Rotten and Rusty Cars” public group on Facebook, we are talking about an authorized Volvo dealer closed in Malmedy, Belgium. The building next to a broken gas station is full of 240 and 840 models in perfect condition.

Journey to the past

Thanks to the participation of Internet users, it was possible to learn more about this discovery. According to “The Drive”, you can find information on social media that the showroom has closed for financial reasons, but no one has bid for the cars inside. From other photos of users it can be seen that the number of cars was greater than before, but it is said that the son of the owner of the merchant towed them away. Interestingly, in one of the models, users found a large pile of old advertising brochures for Volvo and Saab.

At the moment, it is not known what the future will be for other cars from the abandoned showroom, but after the announcement of the issue, it can be expected that there will be plenty of collectors willing to purchase these relics of automotive history.

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