January 31, 2023


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A flurry of comments after Timmermans' words: Putin's novel

A flurry of comments after Timmermans’ words: Putin’s novel

Frans Timmermans defended Gazprom. The words of the EU commissioner were met with indignation by Internet users.

Poland and MEPs are calling for an investigation into the Russian company. It is about manipulating the gas market in Europe.

However, the Kremlin giant has found a defender among important EU politicians. Defended by … Frans Timmermans.

Russia does not pressure or manipulate the gas market in Europe

– The European Union Commissioner said

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netizen reaction

Timmermans’ words sparked a flurry of comments from Twitter users.

Repeating Putin’s narrative by Vice KE, Man of the Year @gazetawyborcza, responsible for the green madness, or how to destroy Europe economically (climate neutrality by 2055, no diesel, coal, gas, nuclear power, only sun, windmills and electricity) Putin loves it. no surprise

Timmermans as “the guardian of the rule of law, democracy and European values”. The masks are exploding

Frans Timmermans has long, jet-black hair that is wrapped in a ponytail.

“Russia is not manipulating gas supplies, it is not putting pressure on the European market,” Frans Timmermans Man of the Year told Adam Mechnik.

Nothing, nothing, Mr. Timmermans. just awesome

This means that Timmermans is already a Gazprom lobbyist.

When does Timmermans go to the Supervisory Board of Gazprom?

Timmermans bleaches Gazprom! “Russia does not manipulate gas supplies, and does not put pressure on the European market.” And for an added bonus, he made it hit Poland like a drum.

A new gas storage facility has been built, Poland has reserves, Russia will earn 50 billion more than last year, Timmermans defends Russia, which charges very high prices, no wonder, many Western politicians work in Russia, Sikorsky takes most of the advise? unknown

Are only 90% of MEPs in Putin’s pocket, or maybe more?