These were not just rumors about Kamel Stoush’s wife.  The bird itself confirms this.  “He does beautiful things.”

New season Ski Jumping World Cup Already behind the belt. The competition will begin on November 25 with a competition in Roca. Thomas Turnbichler selected the teamWhen will the Polish national team submit its report to Finland? Actually there are no surprises. The Austrian coach chose Davut Kubacki, Kamil Stoch, Piotr Silla, Pawel Vesek and Aleksander Znieszczol. Gentlemen, the team is almost complete (without Mustafa, who… He stayed at home with his family) They went to a training camp in Cyprus, and now – now they are complete – they go to… Lillehammer.

The news is mixed from Norway. On the one hand, we are happy with the form of the staff, on the other hand Kobacki’s disorder is troubling. “Everyone is physically ready for the season. The competitors are jumping at a high level right before the opening. We are focusing on ourselves and getting the winter off to a good start. Unfortunately, Davut Kubacki is ill. Turnbichler said during the meeting with the media: “His temperature is high and for this reason he was not able to participate in the meeting with the media.”

This is a simple infection. He has performed well so far while training in Lillehammer. There’s even a chance he could play in Friday’s practice. I’m sure there will be no problem with his performance in the opening competition

~ – He tried to calm down.

He’s full of good vibes ahead of the inauguration Adam Males. He hopes that fans will soon have reasons to be happy Especially Camille Stoche. The “Champion from Zap” has a chance to break the “Polish” record for victories in the World Cup. “At the moment (like Małysz) he has 39 of them. I know that Kamil is very well prepared, that he is focused and still wants to jump,” said PZN president Dzień Dobry TVN.

What does the person concerned think about all this? He talks about his appearance and more. There is also the topic of…the wife.

Full Stoch jokes about the weather in Zakopane. video/INTERIA.TV/INTERIA.TV

Kamil Stoch gets candid about his wife’s mission. “I’m very proud”

I currently jump well, but these are not perfect jumps. I still have something to work on because I lack regularity. However, I’m glad that good hops are becoming increasingly popular. However, all of this has to come with a surge of adrenaline during competition.” Camille Stoch Quoted from WP SportoweFakty.

He admits that in the most difficult moments – when the jumps don’t go in the right direction – he gets bored and “would rather stop torturing himself.” But the recipe for the “crisis” is simple. All it takes is one successful attempt to get up the hill, and you’ll instantly feel more positive. “Then I think I would like to do that for the rest of my life,” he explains.

Continuing your career has become much easier and more enjoyable, as you have had great family support at every stage for years, Especially wives. He hit her as best as he could. According to rumours Ewa Bilan Stoch He has a big heart, which he proves by his involvement in helping Ukraine. For months, he has been involved in transporting off-road vehicles to our eastern border. The husband confirms that his beloved is a really good person.

I am very proud of my wife’s actions. He does beautiful things, because helping those in need is a truly beautiful thing. I hope everyone is brave enough and willing to support others when they have the opportunity. Of course I’m worried about her, but I trust her and I’m also partly jealous that she can go on such adventures

~ – convinces.

At the same time, he confirms the words of Iwa, who once admitted that once he finished his career, they would get in the car and go on a trip, and chose to stop spontaneously. “That’s my country Plan a trip around the world“- sums up Camille Stoch.

Ewa Bilan Stotch, Kamel Stotch/

Camille Stoch/Lukacs Silage/Reporter

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