The lights did not light up

After the first episode of the event miniseries Superintendent Netflix, we feel the trap closing in on us. There are still six one-hour episodes left for this horror story, it can be email, the quality is top, if not top, we are 100% sure to devour it whole.

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And so it is. There is no rational explanation other than this: we want to know how it ends. Too bad it takes seven hours of an average series to figure out who’s terrorizing this poor family of brown, taupe and cream New England Christian fall influencers.

That is why Superintendent, offered in French and English, has topped the Netflix charts for a week. The mystery surrounding it has a stronger gravitational pull than retrograde Mercury. Further, SuperintendentIt was done by Ryan Murphy (Ratchet, Dahmer), stems from a true story that was the subject of a lengthy report in the press New York In November 2018.

So, it happened near someone’s home in the affluent suburb of Westfield, New Jersey. In their small Manhattan apartment, potter Nora (Naomi Watts), her lawyer husband Dean (Bobby Cannavale), and their two teenagers find the cozy nest of their dreams in an upscale residential neighborhood in Pleasantville.

Their grand, tastefully renovated century-old new home sits on a sprawling landscaped lot. There is a Urban Entertainment Around the corner where members play tennis in white knit sweaters (#wimbledonfashion). Spouses tease each other about a Carrara marble counter (we’re replacing it!) and a Pierre Jeanneret chair (too expensive!), first-rate problems, and we agree.

Photo by Eric Leibovitz, courtesy of Netflix

Inside Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale Superintendent

In short, their life is a sore one story Instagram was well filtered until the day we received the anonymous letter. Oh da. A neighbor spies on them and threatens to leave. The characters proliferate and are all typewritten, undoubtedly old Underwood. Their teacher? He has been monitoring this special house for over 20 years. His goal: to turn this infiltrating clan’s gold reserves into a nightmare.

In the initial waves, the missives became alarmingly precise. The watchman knows the children’s names, the rooms in their house and reveals his well-buried secrets.

Our couple yuppies Lovers who fear nothing, don’t even wear light gray clothes and drink red wine, they become paranoid over a period of time.

But so mad at them, who writes these threatening letters, and why, good heavens? The first episode is well put together and rolls out almost all the suspects. A real estate agent (Jennifer Coolidge) strolls by in the evening and urges the couple to sell the house immediately. Quirky neighbor couple Maureen and Mitch, who are retired, spend their days hanging around their (haunted) house.

Another weird neighbor (Mia Farrow) and her mute brother seem to play in the Addams family. There is a local police detective who takes this terrifying case very lightly.

The more we progress Superintendent, and the tracks multiply. Imagine a murder mystery set in a gothic-chic apartment AmityvilleWith a touchOne way ticket.

Now, don’t try too hard to separate right from wrong Superintendent. The ominously typed letters, the faceless watchman, the perfect family that ruins his life, it’s all true. The rest is imagination. In real life, no one hides like Nora, a seedy motel bedspread, let’s see. In the middle of the night, this scene gave me a shudder of disgust more than the murder of a family woman.

The supernatural aspect of the series — Wagner’s music on the intercom, Death’s Dumbwaiter, suspicions of satanic rituals — sometimes clashes with the “true crime” side of the work. Until the fourth episode, the series maintains its tone and breathless pace. It gets spoiled later when the plot turns in circles, but, oh well.

At this point, there are only two hours left and we are sure to swallow Superintendent We all want to know how it ends, don’t we?

Note: Not good.

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