The animators wanted revenge, Rosen believes

Gilbert Rosen, the former head of comedy, estimated that revenge and damage to his reputation would have been slandered in the air by two hosts shortly before his trial.

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“If Julie [Snyder] And Penelope [McQuade] It is their right to call themselves judges and to reprimand people in the media. Is this the system we want? That’s something else, ”said former businessman Gilbert Rosen during a hearing last September.

The court document, which contains more than 500 pages of evidence, was released Wednesday at the request of the sponsors, who are trying to prove to the appellate court that they are facing an oral case from the former principal of the comedy who was acquitted of sexual harassment.

The latter demands $ 450,000 from them for publicly claiming to be victims during a broadcast. Week of 4 JuliesJust days before the start of his sexual abuse investigation.

“It was a calculated move,” he said. What microphone should go and correct what they say? ⁇

Sickles and archives

Within two days of being sworn in from Europe, the 60-year-old denied public accusations by those who came to denounce him in various media.

One of them, an actor, mentioned anonymously that he had seen the burning naked man face to face and said he wanted to “bother him”.

“I want that person to say publicly that I want to sue him. Obviously, this is a big nonsense. […] This is wrong and wrong, “said Gilbert Rosen.

About Julie Snyder, she described one-way communications, where the sponsor contacted her only for assistance such as a ticket.

But after being told she had no contract for 375And Montreal’s anniversary – the decision of former mayor Denise Godrej – would have been the full body of their statement.

“I was the ambassador I told her and from that moment on she was angry at me,” he said.

He presented a different account of the evening to which the host referred, suggesting that the latter would have invited himself to his residence in Paris following their departure “for comfort” even though they were not close.

“Collective madness”

In his opinion, he “creates” the public figure most affected by the #MeToo protest movement, which he describes as “collective madness”.

“We’re not far from the Middle Ages, we put people on a pole, he compared. There was a kind of hunting, [beaucoup]There was a fear of being reprimanded. You were devastated when it came out in the media. ⁇

A class action of more than $ 10 million brought in by a group of women failed, but many of them sued individually. These practices are still ongoing.

– With Michael Nguyen

Excerpts from his testimony

” [Au début]Thought the charges [c’était] I was a little “uncle” when I told a girl I saw her pretty or saw things like that. Because today we know that aggression is defined by looking at a woman’s shirt or by a simple persuasive look. ⁇

” [Julie Snyder et Penelope McQuade] They were well aware of what they were doing and they were well aware of the impact it would have. No one else can claim it. ⁇

“We know very well that if we blame the media, we will destroy him more importantly than the courts,” he said. Because it has spread all over the world and I am afraid of its consequences. ⁇

“In Quebec, you see a whole host of condemnations […] Compared to France, it currently holds a small embarrassment before leaving the countless lists and making allegations. […] Before destroying a business, one must infer [l’innocence]. ⁇

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