There was celebration, and there was despair.  Pocock crossed out a chance in the Champions League?

For the Pock players, this was the last chance to stay in the game for promotion to the knockout stage of the Champions League. Everything seemed to indicate that FC Porto had already pulled out of the fight four rounds before the end, and it was the Croatian champions that Płock got the chance to beat after Round 14. But the condition was victory at the Orleans Arena.

The young goalkeeper defended well and… very well indeed

The task seemed very realistic, because the PPD could in no way match the athletic power of Łomża Industria Kielce, who had died in Płock just four days earlier. Except that Orlen Wisła from that meeting and Orlen Wisła from the first quarter of the day are two completely different teams. It’s hard to understand how you can change your face in such a short time. Only young goalkeeper Marcel Jastrzebski From the start he referred to his performance on Sunday.

Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Kozle – Decospan VT Menen 3:0. Game highlights. Video (Polsat Sport)//Polsat Sport//Polsat Sport

Literally nothing was going right for the Polish runner-up. Defense failed in the first minutes, which is usually the greatest asset of Xavier Sabate’s team. It was worse in the attack. In the eighth minute, when the Croats increased to 4-1, the Spanish coach “Nafciarzy” had to ask for a break. The situation was to be controlled by the experienced Daniel SarmientoBut the former world champion and bronze medalist from Tokyo made two minor mistakes and quickly sat on the bench. However, Sabati didn’t have much choice in the middle and after a few minutes had to bring the 39-year-old back onto the pitch.

The Oilmen are back in the game – better defense is key to success

For a quarter of an hour, the leader of the PGNiG Superleague team has been failing to the fullest. Only Jastrzębski bounced the ball back again and again, and he was also unbeaten twice from penalty kicks. However, the situation began to change, which was greatly influenced by Orlen Wisła’s better defensive game. The defense, led by Leon Sosanga and Mirsad Terzic, finally began to force the opponents to make mistakes, Gonzalo Perez ran to the counterattacks, and Michał Daszek cold-bloodedly used penalties. And the Polish actor finally played cool when he faced off against Serbian Stefan Dodic, mercilessly defeating him. In the 25th minute, Perez finally equalized (11-11), and although the hosts did not manage to take the lead, the mood at half-time was not necessarily bad in the Book team. Or at least just as bad after the first part of the game.

Finally, Orlen Wisła is on top! There was a long wait

The team from Zagreb, like Orlen Wisła, also relies on aggressive defence. Until the 37th minute, only four players scored goals for Płock: Daszek (7), Kosorotow (2), Mihić (4) and Perez (3). The support of the rest of the team was missing, the biggest threat from the second line. In the 40th minute, the hosts finally took the lead – Kosorotov made it 19-18. Unfortunately, The attackers did not follow the blow. More often than not, their throws were defended by the experienced Dino Slavic, and the Croats were very quick to restart and counterattack. Jastrzębski’s effectiveness also decreased, which was a big problem for Orlen and Wisla. In the 47th minute, PPD jumped to 23-21 and the Sabate coach saved himself a timeout. Ignacio Biosca also entered the field, and the Spaniard made a successful save immediately after entering – the only one in the match. In addition, Przemysław Krajewski and Abel Serdio i It was tied again (23-23)..

Goalkeeper Dino Slavic made some great saves towards the end of the match. Here Lovro Mihić tries to hit him//Simon Labinski

The mask could have led to a draw, but … missed the attack. Then the guests left

A month and a half ago, the end was to determine the outcome. The match in Zagreb ended in a draw 26-26Now this solution did not satisfy the hosts. The situation was further complicated when Przemyslaw Krajewski was awarded a two-minute penalty, and the guests scored two more goals.. However, the Pole returned to the field, and then the Croats received two penalties in a row. But they managed to maintain their lead. However, the Polish runners-up fought to the last, despite their lack of defenders on the second line. Daszek could have led to the equalizer, but he made a mistake in attack. However, despite the guests’ weakness, less than three minutes before the end, they again ran away to 28-26.

Płock’s team was already up against the wall, and there was no indication that they would be able to win this match. And when Kosorotov threw a two-story high throw, their chances were nil.

Orlin Wisla Block – HC PPD Zagreb 26-30 (13-14)

Orlin and Wisla: Jastrzębski (7/32 – 22%), Biosca (1/6 – 17%) – Mihić 5, Kosorotow 4, Żytnikow 1, Lučin, Dawydzik, Daszek 8, Piroch, Serdio 2, Šušnja 1, Yasuhira, Terzic, Krajewski 2 Sarmiento, Perez 3.

Penalties: 4 minutes. Penalties: 3/3.

PPD Zagreb: Slavic (13/38 – 34%), Pantjar – Dibirow 4, Dodić 4, avar, Faljic, Gojun, Musa 4, Sirotić 3, Kavčič 2, Leimeter 2, Grahovac 2, Cupić, Srna 2, Kraljević 3, Klarica 4.

Penalties: 14 minutes. Penalties: 2/4.

Other Group A results:

  • Dinamo Bucharest – Telekom Veszprem 31-31 (13-16)
  • Paris SG – SC Magdeburg 33-37 (19-15)
  • GOG Gudme – FC Porto 34-33 (15-13)
  • 1. Paris Saint-Germain 10 – 16 points – 357 – 322
  • 2. Telekom Veszprem 10 – 16 points – 321-293
  • 3. SC Magdeburg 10 – 14 points – 332 – 311
  • 4. Dinamo Bucharest 10-11 points – 304-303
  • 5. GOG Gudme 10 – 9 points – 331-335
  • 6. PPD Zagreb 10-8 points – 280-295
  • 7. Orlin Wisla Block 10-5 points – 271-298
  • 8. FC Porto – 10-1 points – 290-329
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