January 30, 2023


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Legia - Pogo.  “This is not a normal situation,” PKO Ekstraklasa

Legia – Pogo. “This is not a normal situation,” PKO Ekstraklasa

We lost a very important match today. I don’t want to talk about the game because we let our fans down sometimes. I’ve been here for six days. I try all the time to help the team and diagnose the causes of this hole we are in. Perhaps the problem is in the minds. I believe in these players. We have to raise our heads and get out of this together. I know you haven’t come out of these holes in two days. However, I think we will succeed and I can see from the team that he will do his best – said the Legia coach warmly after the match.

It’s clearly not a normal situation when a team like Legia lose eight league games. We broke it and we have to fix it. I’m here to prepare this team. I have no concerns about Thursday’s match against Napoli, because I believe in the team a lot – he added.

– We’ve had a very long conversation in the toilet now. Everyone conveyed their own thoughts. If we don’t point out our mistakes, we won’t move forward. This is a difficult moment for the team and the club. I’m convinced we’ll get out of this together. I ask for support from fans – conclude.

Bogo Szczecin’s coach, Costa Rongaio, also spoke after the match – it was an open match. At the right moment, we managed to score the first goal and then the second. During the Legia crisis, we were aware that in the face of an unfavorable outcome, the legs and heads of the competitors would be heavier. Despite that, I have to admit that even with losing two goals, Legia was looking for an opportunity to score. Show your personality today. As for us, we showed our best, and we struggled. However, we must better finish the counterattacks. A goal at 3:0 would have shut out this match, so the match kept the match in suspense until the end. Congratulations to my team – concluded.

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