There is a decision regarding coach Roman Cherzic.  The effect of players' shocking confessions

Shocking report on the harassment of basketball players WP Sportowe Fakty posted on Thursday. Journalists described the anonymous accounts of dozens of basketball players who accused coach Roman Szczec of mental abuse and harassment.

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The future of the 3×3 team is in question. “The idea of ​​the band has run out.”

“Cutting the veins must hurt so much, so I was thinking about jumping off the bridge or taking pills. I wanted to sleep and not wake up. No one treated me like him”; “It ruined my childhood. At school I was taking sedative pills, without them I could not sleep. I still have nightmares”; “I treat depression and PTSD. I am under the care of a psychiatrist, I take medication” – These are just a few of their accounts.

After the report was published, stories with similar experiences were revealed by other basketball players who responded to PZKosz’s plea to give their names, NS. Anna McCorat I Natalia Klimek.

It didn’t take long for the authorities to react. Przemysław Czarnek, Minister of Education and Science, commissioned Mazovia’s educational supervisor to immediately examine the situation and conduct an inspection at the school in Łomianki. The case will also be handled by the National Prosecutor’s Office.

The club will suspend cooperation with Skrzecze

as I discovered the sports factsUKS Trójka Żyrardow intends to suspend cooperation with Skrzecze. This is the club where he worked as a youth coach after leaving SMS service in Lumianki in 2019. The official message on the issue is expected to appear on Monday.

During the summer holidays, Roman Skrzecz conducted pre-season lessons.

This position was also taken by the Polish Basketball Association. He declared in his letter that he “has not and will not tolerate psychological violence, let alone any kind of sexual harassment in Polish basketball”, but also declared that the charges are beyond the powers of the federation.

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