The decision has been made.  A very harsh penalty for Lewandowski because of the football red card

in match With Robert Osasuna Lewandowski He received his first yellow card in the 11th minute of the match for a foul on Nacho Vidal, and after 20 minutes referee Jesús Manzano showed Paul a second yellow card for elbowing David Garcia in the face. The Barcelona striker received a red card, and when he left the stadium, he touched his nose with his finger, in an eloquent gesture that was met with many criticisms, and the local committee decided to investigate. league. Originally, the decision on the penalty was to be announced on Friday, but the Spanish football authorities decided there was no rush.

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How surprised is the techniwich? “We all put in a little berry”

“All Germans envy you.” Matthews praises Lewandowski

La Liga commission mercilessly Lewandowski

The final decision was made on Wednesday. Lewandowski’s punishment is severe. He will miss the next three league matches. He will miss the derby match with Espanyol (December 31), an important match against his guest Atletico Madrid (8 January) and a meeting with Betis Sevilla (15 January). Lewandowski will return to the league fields only at the end of January – in the 18th round Barcelona He will face Getafe.

Let us recall what referee Jesús Marzano indicated in the post-match report: “While heading towards the exit of the field, the player made the gesture of rejecting the referee’s decision twice, placing his finger on his nose and then pointing his thumb in his direction, and when he was about to leave the field of play, he repeated Nod, looking towards Assistant Referee No. 1 and the checker.

Laporta talked about the winter transfer in Barcelona.  Blame the Spanish leagueLaporta talked about the winter transfer in Barcelona. Blame the Spanish league

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