Corona virus C.1.2 variant.  It can be more contagious and resistant to vaccines

  1. Although the delta variant is currently prevalent, other mutations are spreading all over the world

  2. It is normal for viruses to generate new variants. In the case of the Corona virus, this is a serious problem, because subsequent mutations may completely escape from vaccines

  3. The C.1.2 variant is one of the mutations that is currently being closely monitored. Especially since out of all the variants so far, it is the most mutated

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What do we know about the C.1.2 variable? It is highly mobile and transforms quickly

Option C.1.2 worries scientists. Its trace was first discovered in June 2021, when the infection was discovered in South Africa. Later, other cases were reported in China or New Zealand. As for Europe, contamination of this type has already been confirmed in Switzerland, Portugal, as well as in England.

The C.1.2 variant was included by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) in its constantly monitored list of mutations. as with delta variableC.1.2 is highly contagious and also has an effect on immunity. Research is currently underway to determine if an alternative might escape the currently available vaccines COVID-19.

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Scientists already know that this is the fastest mutating version of the coronavirus that has been discovered so far. Moreover, it is so widespread that it has become prevalent in three provinces, resulting in an increase in the number of infections.

While the full effect of the mutation is not yet clear, genetic and epidemiological data suggest that this variant has a selective advantage over increased permeability, immune flight, or both, the researchers acknowledge.

Variant C.1.2 has an average of 41.8 mutations per year. Moreover, as scientists have proven, more than 52 percent. The mutations identified in this variant were previously also detected in other variants classified by ECDC as worrisome or worrisome.

History of the prevailing variables. Which ones should you fear today?

The nature of viruses makes them mutate all the time. This is a normal phenomenon, but it is especially dangerous when dealing with a virus such as SARS-CoV-2. Each subsequent mutation can make the virus more dangerous — it will escape from available vaccines, and become more infectious or fatal. At the beginning of August, Dr. Anthony Fauci warned of the potential for a mutation to appear to resist the preparations currently in use.. turn, d Paweł Grzesiowski stated that the coronavirus could become a disease for children. Until a few months ago, it was believed that children did not contract the virus or had the disease without symptoms. However, the situation has changed due to the boom.

At first, the world was infected with the Wuhan type. Later it became dominant alpha variableIt was first discovered in the United Kingdom. Today, most countries of the world are facing the delta variant, formerly known as the Indian variant. There are other options on ECDC’s menu of interest to researchers. It is P.1 from Brazil (gamma), B.1.351 from South Africa (beta) and a variant discovered in Great Britain that combines two mutations – B.1.1.7 and E484K.

ECDC also distinguishes an extensive list of options under consideration and those of interest to scholars. This includes lambda variableor Kappa or C.1.2 only.

How do you protect yourself from COVID-19? Still the best methods – except for vaccination – are sanitary rules. Avoid crowds, sanitize your hands, and wear masks. You can buy a set of FFP2 filter masks at an attractive price at

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