Theoretical physicists have discovered an unusual property of hydrogen
Jan Voorberger, Christian Albrechts-University of Kiel / Kopalnia Widsee

Electrons have the same electrical charge, so they usually repel each other. However, under certain conditions, they can form pairs

This unexpected behavior of hydrogen is demonstrated, for example, by the unusual scattering of X-rays in dense hydrogen. X-rays usually transfer energy to electrons, and the energy transfer is greater the greater the momentum that is transferred. However, calculations show that in dense hydrogen, the energy may decrease as momentum transfer increases.

This phenomenon has so far only been observed in very exotic systems, where Bose liquids have been cooled to near absolute zero. These liquids are in a superfluid state, and quantum phenomena occur in them that cannot be described on the basis of classical mechanics. This new property of hydrogen is caused by unbound electrons in the atoms. Professor Michael Bonitz and Dr. Tobias Durnheim explain that if hydrogen is excited by X-rays of a certain wavelength, the electrons can get very close to each other and even form pairs, although they usually repel each other.

Scientists have calculated exactly which properties of hydrogen must be observed under the conditions described. Now experimental physicists can try to verify these calculations in practice.

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