The war in Ukraine.  Waldemar Skrzybczak: Russia may attack Kyiv again

to me Valdemar Skrzybczak It can be seen the actions of Russia, which show that the Russian army does not intend to abandon the fight for Kyiv. as claimed Skrzypczakto Russia Only the capture of the capital can be considered a success in the war in Ukraine.

“I am afraid that the Russians will want to muster more units to try to attack Kyiv again,” he said in an interview with Fact. Valdemar Skrzybczak.

The attack will come from the north, from the direction of Uga, Berassk and Kursk.

as claimed SkrzypczakThe Russians are preparing for three armies to attack Kyiv. The 1st Panzer Army, the 20th Army and the 2nd Army, which are currently recompensating losses, will go to the capital. According to the former adviser to the Ground Forces, equipment is being downloaded from all soldiers heading to Kyiv Russia.

For the Russians Kyiv is a symbol. They will love to come to Dnieper, expel Ukraine beyond the Dnieper River. Maybe that’s why they’re recreating the combat capabilities of three armies Skrzypczak.

In recent days, more and more information about the successes of the Ukrainian army has been published. on Monday Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Published a recording of Ukrainian soldiers standing at the country’s border point. Information was also received about the exodus of Russian forces from the region Kharkiv.

research: Ukrainian troops approached the border with Russia. “symbolic success”

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