The war in Ukraine.  The British historian mentions the date the war ended

– In the spring we will see if the Ukrainians, with the support of the West, are ready for a new offensive that will allow them to repel the attackers. If so In the spring or summer, we may be on our way to one solution or another Kershaw told the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

– President of Russia Vladimir Putin has put himself in a position he never expected – commented a historian specializing in the history of World War II. “Now he is in a war he cannot win, and it is a very costly and harmful war,” he added. He also noted that the winter will be “very harsh for Ukraine, but of course also for many Russians.”

– War with a neighboring country as well Far-reaching consequences for Moscow Kershaw pointed out. – Russia is now isolated, at least in Europe. In this sense, the decision to invade Ukraine was a costly one. It will change Europe, but it is impossible to predict exactly how. But the historian said the war did indeed force a new energy policy and lead to a recession.

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