The war in Ukraine.  Media: Ukrainian prisoners of war tortured in Russian captivity

Ihor Karajan, a former prisoner of war, reported to the newspaper that he was beaten and electrocuted during the many weeks of Russian captivity. He said that the Russian soldiers twisted and cut my fingers with pliers and metal scissors. He added that other prisoners were beaten to death.

The man’s translator told the newspaper that Karajan was summoned for interrogation and torture every day. The Russians wanted him to hand over his friends. He added that he was offered to become mayor of occupied Chersonia, but he refused all offers.

Anilika Todorashko, 32, said her mother, 52-year-old Victoria, was arrested by the Russians in February for serving in the Ukrainian army. The woman was taken to Russia, where – as we read – she was electrocuted, photographed without clothes, and given little food and water. Victoria heard other prisoners screaming for death.

Todorashko said the prisoners had to keep their hands above their heads for hours. When they lowered their hands, they were beaten. The soldiers shaved the heads of the women and strangled them. The executioners were covered with masks.

The woman was released after several weeks of captivity. She was taken to a hospital in Ukraine.


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