The war in Ukraine.  Justin Trudeau: Cooperation with Russia in the G20 is not possible

– Russia invaded Ukraine, He can no longer be considered a constructive partner within the G-20 – The Canadian Prime Minister’s assessment on Thursday Justin Trudeau.

“Russian measures have disrupted economic growth around the world,” Trudeau said during a meeting with reporters in Ottawa. Reuters quoted the words of the Prime Minister.

The G20 is an informal grouping of 19 highly developed countries and the European Union. The members of this body meet once a year for high-level summits with presidents, prime ministers or foreign ministers.

March 23, the Russian ambassador to Indonesia Lyudmila Vorobyova He mentioned that the president Russian President Vladimir Putin She plans to participate in this year’s G20 summit in Jakarta.

Meanwhile, Russia is becoming increasingly isolated on the international stage. Other countries have announced, in the short or long term, that they will abandon the supply of Russian raw materials and diversify the imported gas and oil. On Friday, the President of the United States Joe Biden announces a two-step plan to lower oil prices and achieve energy independence.

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