The war in Ukraine, Bakhmut.  The forces are trying to maintain the only available supply route

The British Ministry of Defense said that Ukrainian forces are trying to maintain control of the only supply route currently available to Pakhmut in the Donetsk region. According to analysts, the Russian army is launching local attacks in Bakhmut and is also preparing to repel a Ukrainian counterattack that may be launched in the near future.

Commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces: Bakhmut remains the focus of combat operations

On Friday, the commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, General Oleksandr Sersky, announced that Bakhmut in the Donetsk region remains the focus of military operations …

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In the daily intelligence update, heavy fighting was reported in the vicinity of the western neighborhoods of Bakhmut, and the main event last week was fighting on the outskirts of the city, especially near the village of Krumoi. As indicated by the British Ministry of Defense, Ukraine is trying to maintain control of Route 0506 allowing supply of the city, as other Ukrainian supply options to Bakhmut are likely to be complicated by muddy conditions on unpaved roads.

She added that because the city had been under attack for more than 11 months, the Ukrainian defense of Bakhmut was included as a component of a much deeper defensive zone that would include the city of Chasev Yar to the west.

Battle of Bakhmut

Over the past 24 hours, Ukrainian soldiers have repelled 39 attacks. The Russians attack mainly in the Donbass. The most difficult situation in the city of Bakhmut.

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According to the Ukrainian expert Ole Zhdanov in Bakhmut, the Russians are moving in their positions thanks to the massive use of artillery, and the defense of the city has become more difficult. However, the general situation at the front is different.

Bakhmut siege. Evacuation of residents, including children [WIDEO]

Heavy fighting broke out around Bakhmut in Donetsk, which has been surrounded by Russian forces, on Monday. The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army …

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As the analyst points out, the enemy continues to attack some sections of the front, but these attempts are rather looking for weak points of the Ukrainian defense. Zhdanov said there was no longer any doubt about their massive attack.

On the other hand, expert Oleksiy Hetman estimated on 1 + 1 TV that the Russians are using a large part of their forces to build fortifications to stop the Ukrainian counterattack, but they do not know exactly where it will happen. Therefore, they built fortifications along almost the entire front line, which is more than 500 km.

The Ukrainian attack was announced several weeks ago. It will probably happen in the spring. The southern part of the front is indicated as its main direction.

Visit of the commander of the Special Operations Forces at the front

Despite the numerical superiority of the enemy and a massed offensive, the special operations forces struck the enemy in key sectors – the press services of these forces reported on the visit of Commander-in-Chief Viktor Khorenko to the front.

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– The situation in Bakhmut is really difficult, but if not you, he knows what to do and how to act in the current conditions. Your work here proves once again that special operations forces are above all the advantage of quality over quantity, – Churinko told the soldiers, citing the services of these forces.

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