Putin called the devil.  A recording of a secret conversation between Kremlin elites hit Russia

The recording was posted on YouTube, and a transcript of part of the conversation can be read on Telegram, in the Important Stories profile. Because of the uncensored vocabulary, most of them cannot be quoted. Akhmetov did not comment on the recording, according to the Ukrainian portal Pravda. Prigozhin emphasized that it contains his original statements, which were specially “edited”. However, the Important Stories portal believes that this statement is nothing more than an “attempt to free oneself from responsibility” and that the recording is authentic.

Men talk about it The war in Ukraine And what led Russia to the rulers. “We don’t have… any options,” says a voice said to be Prigozhin’s. He adds, “The whole nation has no (…) future in this scenario. (…) For them, people are just rubbish.”

More text below the video:

Akhmetov answered the calls put it in “Satan,” recalls Medvedev, who, according to him, “has a reputation.” “We can’t even fight. Because there is no (…) an army, they can’t provide it. (…) There will be fascism, there will be military dictatorship. You’ll see. It all ends here,” he concludes pessimistically. “They screwed up,” says the Russian oligarch about Putin and his entourage.

After the recording was made public, Yusuf Prigozhin initially called it a “fake”, “generated by neural networks”, reports Ukraine’s Pravda. He later changed his position and said that “a recording is a symbiosis of phrases spoken and those that are never spoken”. However, the source on which the “significant stories” are based confirmed: “The recording of Prigozhin’s conversation with Akhmetov is real, and the FSB leadership recently held a meeting and ordered subordinates to take action.”

Source: Telegram / Important stories, pravda.com.ua

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