The universe is like the nervous system of man.  This simulation is taking the web by storm

What was the universe like shortly after the Big Bang? Astrophysicists have created simulations where we can see how they were formed. Then a wonderful phenomenon occurred that brings to mind the interior of the human body.

Simulation of the Thesan set allows you to initially imagine what outer space might look like (in a form we can imagine). What happened after the first stages of evolution known to us began? Universe?

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The universe is like the human nervous system

During the first billion years of the universe’s existence, shortly after the Big Bang, complex relationships between radiation and gravity occurred near the gases in this space.

According to, thanks to theoretical models and the use of physical equations, it was possible to recreate this process to some extent. It looks amazing because it resembles the formation of nerve connections – the same thing that is found in the human body. The interaction of light with gas led to the emergence of unusual shapes of the great void.

It’s a bit like water in an ice cube. When you put it in the freezer, it takes a while, but after a while it starts to freeze around the edges and the ice slowly creeps inside. The same thing happened in the early universe. Scientists explained that it was a neutral, dark universe that became bright and ionized when light began to appear from the first galaxies.

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Simulation of the origins of the universe invades the web

The 3D simulation of the universe created by Thesan Group is absolutely amazing. It is very popular on the Internet and already has tens of thousands of views. According to netizens, space looks like a powerful brain that just woke up.

It makes an impression on you?

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