A government spokesman announced the date for the payment of vaccinations

– We’ve looked and are still thinking that vaccinations will have to be paid at some point, but at this point, by the end of September, we’ve announced that they will be free. I think it will be free for a longer period, but at some point it may appear in the vaccination calendar as paid – Mueller told Radio Zeit.

When asked if the pay vaccinations It will be introduced next year, Mueller said, “from next year, or maybe a little earlier, but it all depends on what the outbreak will look like.” He stressed that if it would “negatively affect the volume of vaccination, it is the alternative that must be weighed”.

localization restrictions

He explained that in the event of possible restrictions imposed in the fourth wave of the epidemic, the number of hospitalization cases, and not just the number of cases, will also be taken into account. Restrictions will be introduced at the regional level.

– We are thinking at the regional level, because the situation will be significantly different in different regions of the country, and it will be determined, among other things, by the level of actual vaccination. We also have experience from last year that outbreaks have broken out in different parts of the country, so it doesn’t make sense to completely shut down remote areas of the country to stem an outbreak elsewhere, Mueller said.

From his statement it appears that There are no plans to implement a full shutdown. This is an unlikely variable. […] We are talking rather about sectoral constraints. He confirmed unless we deal with a new type of vaccine-resistant Corona virus.

Quotas imposed on people will not be affected by vaccination

Declared that when entering the entry limits, ia the method of the so-called slider.

– If we introduce restrictions, we will use the swipe method, that is, if we lower the limits of people, for example to the cinema or to some place (other), the people who have been vaccinated will not be affected by these limits. So, inevitably, if the disease increases, people who are not immunized will have a much harder time, because, for example, the limit of people going to the cinema or somewhere else will be so low that some people won’t be able to get in, and he noted that at that limit will not fit.

However, vaccinated persons will not be counted within the cap.

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