The Ukrainian woman made trouble for the Poles.  "Disrespect"

So far, Ekaterina Szakalowa has done a great job fighting at Galas in Poland. However, the Ukrainian seriously missed before the main duel of the FEN 41 ceremony in Mrągowo. Her match against Finka Suvi Salmimies has been cancelled.

Waldemar Osowski

Ekaterina Zakalova

Instagram / / Pictured: Jekaterina Zacaloa

Szakalowa exceeded the bantamweight weight class maximum by more than 4 kg and was disqualified from the Fight Exclusive Night Championship belt without a fight. The organizers decided to cancel her fight with Finka, and the fight between Bartosz Szewczyk and Dimitri Mikutsa was announced in the evening’s new match.

Łukasz Jurkowski does not leave a dry thread on the competitor from Ukraine. For the pioneer of MMA in Poland, the behavior of the 24-year-old is completely incomprehensible.

“Zacaloa ignores the weight gain before the evening fight, the fight for the belt. I lost 4 kilograms. Disrespect for the competitor, the organizer and the fans. The fight and not doing 400 grams, the belt taken, a fine. It can happen, but not four kilos “- wrote on Twitter “Jurassic”.

Ekaterina Zakalova has been fighting in FEN since 2021. So far, she has won all three matches of the organization, and in the previous match she won the bodyweight belt, defeating Julia Kosenko by surrender. The Ukrainian women’s MMA record is 7 victories and 1 defeat.

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