Beautiful goals in Zabrze: Gornik lost by two goals, but won by two!

Make the sunny weather the last match Gurnick Zabrze This season, which has not yet decided anything (the guests from Łęczna have already reconciled with the deterioration), the crowds came. Match with Gurnick Pizza See 14065 fans.

The match started well for the visitors. In the fifth minute, after a simple foul and losing the ball – the visiting team striker seized it Przemyslav Banazak He fired an accurate shot at the crossbar – Daniel BellicaWho came back to Gornick’s goal – he had no chance.

The Zbarzi people did not intend to surrender, but immediately attacked. Ten minutes after the center Krzysztof Kubica Piotr Krawczyk had a great header but the visiting goalkeeper Massej Gostomsky He defended this blow with exceptional style. The hosts tried to break through Łęczna’s defense in various ways and succeeded in doing so, but missed an accurate shot.

The fans greeted the final whistle before the break with timid whistles. After that, everything changed, but not immediately.

During the break, coach Jan Urban Made three changes. The guests answered as best they could: Banzac showed an impressive shot in the opposite top corner. 0-2! The shooter sat overjoyed on the announcement behind the corner flag, and all his teammates stepped in to congratulate him.

The guests knew how to play, because the current coach of the Uchna club knows the team from Zabrze, hardly anyone else. Marius Prasow Until recently he was helpful after all Jan Urban on Roosevelt. Everything seemed to control the players, but then … the players scored an amazing goal. After a bad hack Leandro The ball is under your feet Robert DuddockWho hit the ball until it rebounded from one of the poles in the goal. The hosts believed in themselves and it paid off.

Zberzi leveled after a firecracker Lukas Podolski Twenty minutes later. After a corner kick, the ball hit the foot of the former champion, who once again showed how strong his left leg is. counts Jan Urban They followed suit, and three minutes later, just before the end, the winning goal—headed, of course—hit. Krzysztof Kubica. Hizpan finished his guests in overtime Hygenio Marine!

Gornik Zabrze – Gornik Lichna 4-2 (0-1)

Objectives: 0-1 Banzac (fifth), 0-2 Banzac (52), 1-2 Dadoc (66), 2-2 Podolski (86), 3-2 Kupica (89), 4-2 Marin (90.+6) . )

Miner: Bielica – Wiśniewski Ż, Janicki, Janża Ż – Dadok, Kubica, Manneh (46th Mvondo), Cholewiak (70 Szymański) – Podolski (90 Dziedzic), Krawczyk (46th Marin), Nowak (46th Pacheco)

to find us: Gostomski – Rymaniak, de Amo, Szcześniak, Lobato (60. Leandro) – Serrano , Kalinkowski (60. Wędrychowski), Szramowski Ż (60. Drewniak), Krykun – Lokilo Ż (86. Król), Banaszak (75).

to rule: Krasny (Krakow); Viewers: 14065.

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