March 22, 2023


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fake sms

The trick is on the phone. “Check where the parcel was received”

An SMS about an unanswered parcel may have different “objects”. In a message sent to us by one of our readers, you can see that fake SMS also takes an exceptionally customized form. In this case, the scammers know some of the data of the future victim.

bloomer SMS about parcels and orders It can take many forms, but the one described here is relatively new. They appeared in the message Original data from our readerMoreover, on the landing page – if you choose to click on the link – you will not find a payment form, but another Requests additional informationWhat the Dagma experts indicated in their conversation with us. It is possible that in this case it is simply a matter of blackmailing them.

However, this does not change the fact that the form of cheating itself is rather known. SMS, in this case received from the number +48508092971, Short content and indicates that the alleged parcel has been delivered to a receiving point and that the addressee must do something, to get him out. It’s all about clicking a link with the pretense of checking your score list. She tells the reader that she did not order anything so that the letter would appear genuine.

fake sms
Image source: © dobreprogramy

fake sms

At the time of writing, the target page has already been blocked by at least some ISPs. The browser itself is advised not to open it, this time due to lack of encryption. It’s worth noting that since this is a custom landing page, each potential victim will likely receive a different link. Therefore, it is difficult to assume that all of them are already flawlessly recognized by browsers or Internet providers, So it is worth being careful.

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We advise you to ignore all similar SMS additionally Submitting for analysis to CERT Polska. In the phone itself, there is still the option to add the sender to Black listHence he will not be able to contact us in the future. Here, however, we must remember that as well This is only a partially effective method – Scammers usually use dozens of numbers, so in the future they can also call another number.

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Oskar Ziumek, editor in charge of