The trailer for the Switch Online Expansion Pack is Nintendo's worst YouTube content.  Players interact

Switch Online + Expansion Pack is a comprehensive Japanese service that delivers items from the Nintendo 64, SEGA Genesis, and in the future. Animal Crossing Bonus Paid: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise For $49.99 a year (or $79.99 for a family). Already last month Report problems reported by subscribers to your subscription – Players experience a lot of input lag, animation drops, poor soundtrack adaptation to picture or cumbersome controls.

However, it turns out that recipients also respond to the idea in a different way. The teaser video for the Switch Online Expansion Pack, which was posted on the official Nintendo YouTube channel, is the worst-rated material in the company’s history. – In just 17 days, the trailer received over 115,000 feet and 17,000 thumbs up. Meanwhile, another “negative record,” the trailer introducing Metroid Prime: Federation Force at E3 2015, garnered 96,000 unfavorable reactions and 11,000 likes. Interestingly, the show’s new Big N show was viewed by 400,000 fewer viewers – but the result was even more decisive.

We can also read negative comments from players in the comments. Many of them cite Satoru Iwata’s statement about developing an online game service, or assert that Nintendo has not improved the quality of production.

“What a silly joke. Excellent price for broken and desperate service. Servers are still bad, and emulation is worse than what’s been available in years. Nintendo hates emulation and instead of reaching out to N64 emulation experts, it prefers to build its own lame service.”

“I think $50 is a very high price for the content on offer. Hopefully Nintendo will offer more features to make the price worth it, or lower it and match the deal fairly.”

Thank you Nintendo. Any guilt I had ever had emulating over the years of playing is gone. You did a good job lol”

“I can’t wait for the Wii Expansion Pack to hit $1,500 a year.”

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