The trailer for Holland’s film about immigrants has been released online.  evaluation?  Director “will secure Law and Justice’s third term” [WIDEO]

The film “Green Border” gained fame even before its premiere. This includes because the filming location made life difficult for the residents of Czarnow near Warsaw. portal in April this year. She stated that a pedestrian came across a post in the woods and called the police because of the threat, forcing the film crew to secure barbed wire.

Lukashenko’s novel will soon be shown in Polish cinemas

However, that’s not the only reason, and certainly not the most important reason why the movie has been talked about for so long. When the director revealed her plans for the production, no one had any doubts that it would be a fantasy story about evil border guards and defenseless aliens seeking shelter.

This is of course an element, this is a narrative that fits with what Russia wants to achieve, which has tried to cause a migration crisis in Poland and has tried to weaken the Polish state.

Joanna Lechuca, Member of Parliament for the Law and Justice Party, evaluated the production. Today, a trailer for the movie has been posted on the internet, which only confirms this belief.

Ustazhevska will save emigrants

The main character of the production is Maja Ostaszewska, known for her anti-Polish novel, and who, in the most difficult moments of the Hybrid War, was one of the characters who recorded an appeal to the border guards to help migrants. Apart from her, we will see the “guest” of Trzaskowski’s campus last year, Magdalena Poplavska, and Message Store, a fan of the Civic platform.

The trailer sparked an avalanche of comments online, and most people who watched it clearly indicate that the production will not work for the opponents of the border wall, on the contrary – it will only serve to confirm the belief that the law and justice government works effectively.

Netizens began mocking the production to the point… that some YouTube channels were unable to comment on the ad.


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