The terrifying Apophis is approaching Earth.  New collision concerns

This is enough to create a crater 5 kilometers in diameter. Such an event could destroy an entire city and release large amounts of dust into the atmosphere, which could affect the amount of ultraviolet radiation reaching the Earth and create a global catastrophe.

Interestingly, scientists recently decided to check whether the asteroid Apophis would collide with other space rocks that could change its orbit and thus increase the chances of it colliding with Earth. It turns out that the paths have been calculated All 1.2 million asteroids or comets known to us Everything indicates that the risk of collision is zero.

Unfortunately, there is one but. Research has shown that although Apophis will not be on a collision course with another space rock before 2029, it will pass close to an asteroid called 4544 Xanthus, 1.3 km long. Given its large size, scientists fear that the material accompanying Xanthus could collide with Apophis and thus disrupt its future trajectory, which in turn could affect the possibility of it colliding with Earth.

Scientists admitted that in the coming years they intend to take a closer look at Xanthus and see if it is accompanied by a cloud of rocky material. If it is not there, we can sleep peacefully, but if it is there, another anxiety will arise A dangerous item that increases the risk of Apophis colliding with Earth.

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