Something will hit the moon in a few days.  Nobody admits that

It all started at the end of January this year. Then an astronomer Bill Gray He made calculations on the Pluto project and announced that part of the rocket would hit the Moon in early March Falcon 9 from SpaceX. In 2015, she participated in the mission to launch a climate observatory into space DSCOVR Deep Space Climate Observatory.

The second member of Falcon-9, weighing 4 tons in the last 7 years, has been orbiting the Earth and eventually entering a lunar orbit, but is moving so precariously that it was due to hit the surface within a month. At a speed of over 9000 km/h.

A few weeks ago, it turned out that the Silver Globe would not be hit by an Elon Musk missile, but only by the booster missile, which took part in the famous flight Chang’e-3 mission. As part of it, a lander and a rover appeared on the surface of the Moon, in one of the craters of the Sea of ​​Rain.

Now we hear interesting information from the Chinese government itself. Well, the officials said their country had nothing to do with the body that would hit the moon in more than a week. The missile was used in the Chang’e-3 mission in 2013-2014, shortly after After its release, it entered the Earth’s atmospherewhere it burned.

So we have a problem. The Americans and the Chinese don’t admit it space trashthat will hit the moon. The astronomers said it was very likely that the object could not be identified before it hit the surface. However, it will be possible to collect 100 percent data on the same effect and its effects, thanks to the American Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and the Indian Chandrayaan-2.

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