January 28, 2023


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Human trafficking in Poland.  Is it like Vega's "Small World"?

Human trafficking in Poland. Is it like Vega’s “Small World”?

Such was the case at the construction site in central Warsaw. At first, everything usually looks good – even fair contracts are signed. Only after arriving in Poland another contract appears, in Polish, that is, in an incomprehensible language. It has penalties, even if it is looking in the eyes of the foreman. We recently helped people from Mexico, who got two meals a day, accommodation, and a deduction for organizing work only from the third salary.

Immediately, it turned out that there was no food and the living conditions were appalling. They lasted three days thanks to the modest money brought in, and then somehow managed to escape. They were looking for another job to earn money to go home and the situation was even worse there. Eventually they found help at their consulate.

Physical violence is rarely used today, and no one should be chained. If you’re hungry for a week, our fighting spirit is crumbling and we’re only thinking about eating to our heart’s content and getting a good night’s sleep. Victims of forced labor are also guaranteed the right to legal residence. On arrival, it turned out otherwise, passports were also taken. They are threatened to call the police.

There are also penalties for speaking up or complaining. The family from the country of origin demands money to survive. It’s hard to live with the police, and not every consulate is friendly. There are embassies such as the embassies of the Philippines, Colombia, and Mexico that help citizens. However, does a resident of Belarus, for example, want to ask for help at his embassy?

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The merchants working in Poland belong to international gangs and are just cogs in the machine or do they do it themselves?