The Starship will be ready to fly into orbit in a few weeks.  It's a pity it won't fly

A couple of weeks ago, we first saw what the world’s largest rocket would look like, which will eventually take people to the Moon, and possibly also to Mars in the future. However, it is still unknown when the Starship Super Heavy will actually exit the Earth’s atmosphere.

120m long assembly consisting of a 50m spacecraft and a 70m superheavy rocket piece It looks really cool. If they like you The spacecraft itself begins Equipped with three Raptor engines, it is worth imagining that the Starship Super Heavy will have approximately thirty such engines at the base.

However, all of these 10 and 12 kilometer jumps were just short test flights, before the crucial first flight into Earth’s orbit, which is fast approaching. It was originally supposed to The trip will take place in July, but as in the case of SpaceX, these assumptions were very optimistic.

Over the weekend, Elon Musk announced on Twitter (of course!) that the rocket would be ready for its first orbital flight in a few weeks. It seems that this deadline is surprisingly short, because before the flight begins, SpaceX will have to conduct a whole series of tests for the entire group. However, this is not the problem.

The FAA is hindering the development of SpaceX

Even when the agency now publishes a draft report on Boca Chica, it will collect feedback from residents in the area over the next 30 days. Only then can SpaceX count on any approval for the Starship’s first orbital years.

So it can be argued that although the Starship will be ready to fly, the FAA will not, and therefore will not take off for a few more months, not weeks.

This does not change the fact that a few months ago the forecast for the first orbital flight of the spacecraft before the end of the year seemed very optimistic. Now that deadline seems as realistic as possible.

The question is, will we witness equally spectacular explosions during the first flights of the Starship Super Heavy as in the case of the Starship itself? We’ll know soon enough.

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