The second half changed everything.  We've caught up with the 2024 European Championship finalists

PAP/EPA/Christopher Neuendorf/European Championship 2024 match: Germany – Denmark

Sebastian Szczytkowski

In the first half, the candidate did not lead for a single second, then after the break he led almost continuously. Denmark won the European Championship semi-final with a score of 29:26 and will face France in the gold medal match.

The two teams qualified for the semi-finals of the 2024 European Championship after defeat in the previous match. At the end of the main stage, they didn't have to fight with utmost determination, because they had already secured entry into the top four. Germany lost to Croatia, the weakest team in the group, and Denmark also failed in the match against Slovenia. On Friday, that was of secondary importance, as the national teams put all their advantages on the line.

The performance of the tournament hosts has not been impressive so far, and they entered the semi-finals from second place in the group, with five points out of a possible 10. Therefore, Denmark was the favorite in the semi-finals, and had not lost to Germany since 2016.

Denmark had to be prepared. First, there was doping in the Cologne hall, and second, in the previous semi-final, favorites France had great trouble asserting their superiority over Sweden.

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The first half belonged to the Germans, who had a 14:12 advantage. The hosts did not allow the Danes to take the initiative even for a second. On the other hand, the team led by Reynars Oskens on the field was able to score a maximum of three goals.

The Danes had something to talk about with their coach in the locker room. The impact of the talks was clear. Less than three minutes after the end of the first half, the Scandinavian team tied the game again at 14:14. At 16:15 it was Denmark's first lead of the match. The initiative passed to her.

The most goals for Denmark were scored by Emil Jakobsen, as well as Simon Høld Jensen and Simon Pitlik. The team played much better than in the first half, and the score 21:18 midway through the second half gave the Danes more peace of mind.

The closer the game gets to the end, the fewer arguments there are for surprise. Denmark dealt with being favorites and with a 29:26 win secured qualification to the European Championship final. In which he will face France. In contrast, Germany still has to play for the bronze medals against the Swedes.

Germany – Denmark 26:29 (14:12)

Most goals for Germany: R. Osines – 5, c. Knorr – 4; Most goals for Denmark: M Hansen, E Jacobsen, S Pitlik – 5

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