Protests in Canada.  Prime Minister uses a state of emergency

  • – It’s an illegal occupation. It’s time to go home, Trudeau said, announcing the decision
  • The last time a similar law was used in Canada was in 1970 during the Troubles in Quebec. The Prime Minister at the time was Pierre Trudeau, Justin’s father
  • The exercise of the state of emergency law gives the government the opportunity, among other things, to ban movement in certain places and means greater powers for the police
  • The Canadian government has also instructed banks to consider the financial resources of all those participating in the protests
  • More information can be found on the Onet homepage

– This is no longer a legal protest and disagreement with government policy. This is an illegal occupation. Announcing his decision, Trudeau said it was time to go home. He added that the measures under the state of emergency will be limited in geographical scope.

Canada’s Emergency Law was enacted in 1988 and has not been used since. The last time a similar situation occurred was in 1970, when then-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (Justin Trudeau’s father) used war measures, which preceded the state of emergency, in response to the unrest in Quebec.

Monday’s decision by Justin Trudeau means, among other things, greater police powers and gives the federal government the ability to ban gatherings that could lead to unrest. The government can also ban movement in certain places and “regulate the distribution of essential goods,” CBC Canada reports.

The prime minister has said he will use new powers to prevent people from congregating in downtown Ottawa and order specialized trucking companies that are shutting down the city.

The government takes over the protesters’ money

As made clear by the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, as well as Finance Minister – Chrystia Freeland, some of the special measures resulting from the emergency law are related to financing. According to data from GiveSendGo, the crowdfunding portal that was turned over to a protester fundraiser after it was blocked by GoFundMe, which was revealed Sunday night by hackers, more than half of the money paid to the Freedom Caravan came from the United States. In recent days, foreign funding for the protests in Canada has been what Trudeau has been talking about with US President Joe Biden. Trudeau added that Canadian border guards have not allowed into Canada many Americans who had intended to join the protests.

Canadian banks have been instructed to look into the accounts and banking services of “all those involved in the illegal blockades”. The banks are expected to report their support to the police or CSIS intelligence services about supporting the blockades, and will be able to suspend account maintenance without seeking a court order.

In addition, the government will tighten regulations on financing the activities of certain groups through crowdfunding portals. Institutions that process their payments will now need to register with FINTRAC, the financial intelligence agency that works against “illicit finance”. They will also have to report “all large and suspicious transactions”.

protests in canada

For more than two weeks in Canada – first in the country’s capital Ottawa and then in other cities – there have been protests and roadblocks as part of the so-called Freedom Caravan. The blockade has extended to US border crossings in recent days, impeding the free movement of goods – from food to auto parts, causing, among other things, a halt to work by Canadian auto factories.

Participants are protesting the Canadian and US government vaccination requirements for professional drivers across the United States, as well as other COVID-19 restrictions imposed by Canadian provincial authorities. According to the data of companies from the transport sector, about 90 percent. Canadian professional drivers are vaccinated.

The Ontario provincial government imposed a state of emergency on Friday in this province, calling further blockades of “critical infrastructure” illegal. – This is an illegal occupation, no longer a protest – Ontario Premier Doug Ford said Friday and announced heavy penalties for violating regulations, up to 100,000 CAD fines and up to a year in prison. In addition, the government will consider the possibility of obtaining a driver’s license, including a professional driver’s license.

Sources: CBC, Onet, PAP

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