May 29, 2023


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The Russian yacht disappeared into thin air. The captain’s wife calls for help

The three-person crew of a Russian cruise ship on April 17 this year. left from port Kingdom of Saudi Arabia towards the Republic of Djibouti. It was scheduled to dock there on April 19, according to Russian propaganda agency RIA Novosti. The ports are in a straight line, across the Red Sea, separated by about 1,000 km.

Currently, the ship’s whereabouts are not known, but RIA Novosti believes the crew may have been lost in the Red Sea, Interia reports. According to Russian journalists, the ship may be in the middle YemenOr Eritrea or Saudi Arabia.

The wife of the captain of the yacht – Nadezhda Rasina – believes that if the crew “was arrested by the military patrolling the coast,” then the services and she herself “would know about it.”