Confrontation in the South China Sea.  The Philippine Army posted the video

The violent clash took place on Monday near the Thomas Shoal II reef area near the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. The Chinese guards rammed the Philippine army’s helicopters and then pierced them with knives and axes.

The army stated that the Chinese used tear gas and jammed communications with loud sirens. They also allegedly threatened the soldiers.

The guards also destroyed communications equipment and confiscated the Filipinos’ weapons, according to the British Guardian newspaper. One Filipino soldier allegedly lost his thumb in the clash.

Continued article below the video

Clash in the South China Sea. There are recordings

The Philippine Army posted footage of the incident on social media. They show details of a brutal clash.

Manila also accused Beijing of piracy, citing the looting of supplies and the paralyzing of Philippine army boats.

Confrontation between the Chinese and the Filipinos. Manila

The Philippine Foreign Ministry said in a statement that it “condemns the illegal and aggressive actions” by the Chinese services, which resulted in personnel being injured and damage to the ship during a routine resupply mission.

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