March 20, 2023


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Russian wives came to the border with Ukraine.  Company advertisement - o2

Russian wives came to the border with Ukraine. Company advertisement – o2

On the night of November 8-9, a revolution broke out against the decisions of the Russian authorities. On the Russian-Ukrainian border, more than 20 relatives of soldiers mobilized from Voronezh, Kursk and Belgorod appeared in a military unit in the border town of Wauzhki. The majority of the group were army wives, according to the independent Russian website The Insider.

The women decided to protest the decision of the Russian authorities. And they demanded that their husbands, who had been shot in Luhansk Makivka, be brought to Russian lands. About 159 survivors from the four brigades will try to reach their relatives. The men with the wounded will be evacuated to the territory of the Russian Federation.

Videos recorded on the rebellion website appeared on social media. Relatives demanded to send transportation to the soldiers. They also announced that if their conditions were not met, they would themselves go to Ukraine to rescue their relatives.

They have to do something, they have to make a decision, and they have to get them out of there. We want them to be removed from there, because there are many wounded – said one of the women, quoted by The Insider.

It is not known what the end of the case will be. Relatives waited all night to speak to the decision-maker, but no one from the military unit came to see them. There was also no way that anyone could enter its premises. Russian forces incur heavy losses in Ukraine every day. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, more than 76,000 Russians have been killed since the start of the fighting. Hardware losses have also been reported. These numbers are increasing every day.

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