Poland held its breath.  Kamel Stoch fell to the ground and the countdown began

for a long time full stoush He was unable to point to the upper v Four Hills Championship. Everything changed under Stefan Horngacher. Already in the first season, under the leadership of the Austrian coach, the captain of the Polish team got a chance to win the Golden Eagle. However, dreams of success could have ended with a pilot series before competing in Innsbruck.

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Official: Kamel Stoch has withdrawn from TCS! and not only

Stoch’s horror moments in Bergisel

In the first two contests of the 65th Four Hills Championship, Kamel Stoch took second place, allowing him to appear in Bergisel as the series’ lead. On his favorite hill, Poland ski jumper He was about to take the next step that would secure him the ultimate victory. Meanwhile, his performance in the third TCS competition put a big question mark.

In the series of trials, Kamel Stoch made the longest jump, which confirms his great form. Polish television did not show the training competition, but the network quickly circulated information about the excellent attempt made by the pole. Soon, unpleasant information began pouring in about the fall of Stoch.

Although the agonizing jumper left the landing area himself, and Alexander Wenarsky checked him into the locker room, a nervous countdown began. If Stoch had been injured, he would not have been able to compete in BergiselWhich could make it hard for him to win the 4-Hills-Tournament.

Kamel Stoch wins #65 in TCS in a big way

In the end, the pole managed to take part in the main competition. However, conditions at that time were not favorable – the wind was distributing cards, and the organizers were having trouble with one string. The first part of the competition was very long.

The competition for Bergisl in the 2016/17 season was only one series, in which the whole of Stoch jumped 120.5 meters, giving him fourth place. After these competitions, the pole lost the lead in the course to Daniela Andre TandyWhich was ahead of him by 1.7 points. This is still an excellent result considering the potential fall injury in the test series.

Kamil Stoch in Innsbruck during the 4-Hills-TournamentClear comments on the decision to withdraw Kamel Stoch

At Bischofshofen, however, Stoch was second to none. After jumps of 134.5 and 138.5 metres, he clearly won the competition, only 26th for Tande, as well as the entire 4-Hills-Tournament Championship. This year the pole will not have a chance to prove once again that Bergisel is his favorite hill. By the decision of the coaching staff, the 34-year-old will return to the country to rest.

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