The Polish striker has problems.  No break since November

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Bogomil Borczek

Four years ago, he was the idol of Milan fans and hopes to return to the salons. Now Krzysztof Piątek is moving from another Italian club, and this year he hasn’t scored a goal yet.

During the first Euro 2024 qualifier, Fernando Santos did not put him down even a minute. Krzysztof Piątek scored an empty flight in the Poland national team’s training camp in March. The situation was no better at Salernitan, where he was on loan from Hertha Berlin. He hasn’t scored a goal for them since November last year.

Returning to Italy will remind him how to score goals regularly. A move to Hertha Berlin did not revive his career after a weaker period at Milan. Since then, he has been loaned out first to Fiorentina and now to Salernitana.

– His first moments on the Apennine Peninsula were wonderful, – ex-Polish actor Pyotr Czachowski admits nostalgically. It was an effective killer. Score goals even after only one contact with the ball in the opponent’s penalty area. And not just anything, but beautiful. In Italy he was making major headlines, but something snapped. Now is different. The start in Milan was promising, but Zlatan Ibrahimovic came along and Piatek started to fall into a state of indifference. The former Udinese defender said in an interview with WP SportoweFakty that it is getting wider.

Watch the video: Changes are coming. Santos will not back down.

was close

Czaczewski is now an expert on Serie A at Eleven Sports. Our interlocutor admits that Piątek does not present convincing arguments for either Herta or Salernitana.

There is a lot at stake in the pot and the crisis is serious and hard to ignore. Lives on goals and helps. Five misses both. At the moment he is on loan from Berlin, which pays more than half of his salary. At the club from the German capital, they are watching our striker and are certainly not happy. If this impasse continues, will Salernitana offer him a contract? for me, no. And he entered the Italian league in the last round in a row – Czachowski noted.

After a barren training camp, Piątek returned to the club. Salernitana still hopes for it. After returning from Poland, the striker played 55 minutes against Spezia.

– He was about to break the notorious streak, – notes Kasachowski. – However, the defender of Spezia did it for him, who caught his attention. That’s why the goal was scored, but in the end that wasn’t the point. I wouldn’t criticize him for playing on the field, but journalists and fans in the stands want details. Another thing is that Piątek plays like his teammates. He adds that there are not many opportunities.

The best behind him?

And four years ago, Friday had its great moments. In the colors of Genoa, he was the epitome of the Italian league season and fought for victory in the scoring ranking. This is how he got a transfer to Milan. “Friday” prevailed in Milan and Poland. The more goals he scored, the louder “Pew-Pew” was shouted by Italian journalist and fan Tiziano Crudelli.

He played only one year for Milan. Then he played three seasons in Hertha Berlin, and did not make much noise there. Then he moved to Fiorentina, but in Florence he played only 18 matches. Unfortunately, his situation is getting worse every year.

Unexpectedly, Salernitana’s boss may come to his aid. He is a coach well known to the Poles.

– This player is drifting. There is still a chance to appear, because the Salernitana coach is currently known to our fans as Paulo Souza. As Piatek knows from the team, it gives him a lot of chances. In the end, every manager thinks of keeping his job. The Portuguese are no different, – continued Pyotr Kasachowski.

Krzysztof Piątek has a lot to think about.

There won’t be much opportunity

Inter will face Salernitana in the next match. The Milan team ranks fourth in the table, and is still in the game to win the most important title in the old continent. Benfica will stand in the way of Simone Inzaghi’s side in the Champions League quarter-finals.

– It will be another difficult meeting for Piatek. He will have to be patient. Inter is not a team against Salernitana that has a lot to play for. Kasachowski said that any position can be worth its weight in gold.

Is there anything that can save Five? Only use his greatest strengths in the past. First of all, the Pole must play faster and prove his worth, and in his current team it is not easy.

– If the services of the Polish representative in Italy are abandoned, and Hertha Berlin remains in the German League, his situation will be more complicated. The problem is that the club he officially belongs to is fighting for survival and his situation is dire. In the case of inheritance, I suppose they’ll want to keep Pfeiffer and maybe even find it there. However, it will be increasingly difficult for him to appear in the top five leagues in the world – he added.

He has to explain why he is at the top

Salernitana drew five straight matches, winning only six in total. Salerno is 15th in the league, ahead of five teams and nine points clear of the relegation zone.

“He used to be a player who could score two goals from half time. Now it’s not like that. He knows it, the journalists know it and the fans know it too. The recipe is simple, you have to go back to your old ways. Unfortunately, they now look at Piatek differently, but It doesn’t matter because in sports you are not always seen as you would like. First of all, you have to play like the best strikers in the world, with one touch or two. This can save five. It is also important to go into the match, as the first contact with the ball can decide The whole match – noted Piotr Czachowski.

And draws attention to the characteristics of his current team.

– Salernitana is not a great team, but on the other hand, Piątek knew what he was getting into. Now that he’s at the top, he has to prove he’s right. In the frame, he did not get a single minute from Fernando Santos, the problem is serious. It remains to hope that at some point it will vibrate and break through the pole, but we have no certainty. Anyway, this is not a great period for the Polish strikers at all. Even Robert Lewandowski, who introduced himself very slowly in the Spanish classic, has problems, – summed up our interlocutor.

The Inter vs Salernitana match will take place on April 7. Start at 17:00. Broadcasting in WP Pilot, live text report on WP SportoweFakty.

Bogomich Borczek, journalist at WP SportoweFakty

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