Not as “green” hydrogen as they paint it.  Researchers are tempering their predictions for the fuels of the future

in pages Nature Communications The results of scientists’ experiment on the effect of hydrogen emissions (H2) to increase or decrease methane concentrations in the atmosphere. It is worth noting that CH4 It is the second most dangerous greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide, its excessive content in the air leads to a deepening of the greenhouse effect and global warming.

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What is the common denominator between molecular hydrogen and methane? Researchers refer to hydroxyl radicals (OH, a reactive oxygen species) found in the atmosphere. It is a kind of “air cleaner” because it breaks down some compounds in the air, including methane. But also molecular hydrogen. Lots of H2 In the atmosphere the lack of hydroxyl radicals will contribute to the decomposition of methane.

Green hydrogen must be under control. Otherwise, the fight against climate change will turn against us

However, all is not lost. The research calculated the limited amount of hydrogen (and methane) we could emit into the atmosphere to keep the whole process in balance with the hydroxyl radicals. We are specifically talking here about green hydrogen emissions caused by the cleavage of a water molecule in an electrolyzer.

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According to scientists, we can afford a maximum of 9 percent. Hydrogen leakage into the atmosphere. The remaining products of H2 We must somehow store it or use it in chemical reactions to convert it into another compound. And this is only on condition that methane losses (that is, emissions into the atmosphere) in industry are less than 1 percent.

The increasing content of methane in the atmosphere will leave its mark in the coming decades. The effects of the majority (or all) of the transition to hydrogen fuel will not be felt immediately, which could cause apparent relief for 20-30 years.

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The paper’s authors point out that it is important to control the emission of hydrogen and methane into the atmosphere and to seal the installation so that it does not lead to leakage of these gases. To date, no effective method has been developed to track the concentration of hydrogen in the industrial chain, which would give greater control over the transmission of this gas. It will be helpful.

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