Corona virus in Poland.  Andrusiewicz in the history of limitations

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health indicated in an interview with “Polsat News” that “We are going to the top of the fourth wave– He stressed that although we are still operating in small numbers, these 20-25% increases are not small anymore.

“Roadmap” before September

When Androsevich was asked about possible restrictions, he said that “before September we can hear a certain roadmap.” He pointed out that the Ministry of Health is constantly working on its recommendations, and that workers in crises meet systematically in the ministry.

– We analyze our experiences, among other things, from the introduction of restrictions in previous waves, when we presented them in both provinces and territories. We, on the Health Department side, believe it makes more sense in terms of, among other things, limiting transmission of the virus, to impose restrictions – if they can be put into effect – however, the Voivodeship said.

“Restrictions will definitely happen.”

– With these increases that are happening now and with those absolute numbers that have not happened for a long time, which in a positive case may reach a thousand, and in a negative option (…) up to 15 thousand, there will certainly be restrictions – said Andrusiewicz .

– Certainly, restrictions will appear in some form and it will certainly be required to present at least a certificate of vaccination, a test certificate or a certificate that we are a healer when entering different places, whether they are offices, shops, swimming pools or sports fields. Certainly, the limits of people who will be allowed in will decrease, and therefore a privilege will be given to those who will use certificates – he added.

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