Sunday trading banned.  Peter Duda of NSZZ "Solidarnoci" proposes a referendum

Over the past few months, a large group of large retail chains in Poland have acquired their own employees Shops The state of the post office, which allowed it to open every Sunday. However, at the beginning of February 2022, the amendment entered into force, tightening its provisions Trade ban Sundays and public holidays. Now it is no longer enough to become a post office – you have to show that the store is at least 40 percent. Revenue from postal services.

Retailers are beginning to analyze the new regulations and look for more “gates”. As a result, not post offices began to appear, but bus stops and reading rooms. You can learn more about it I read here.

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These actions were highly commented by the president of NSZZ Solidarno, Piotr Duda. In an interview withGreat Poland’s VoiceHe stated that he “no longer even evaded the law, but laughed at the legislator and spat in his face.” The actors themselves in their countries are ideal employers – if there is a law, they obey it and do not care about it. and here? For me, these are ordinary criminals. “And he announced an appeal to the chief labor inspector of surveillance and maximum penalties. In fact, the Polish state should withdraw their license. It is a mockery and a mockery of the legislature that restricts trade on Sundays “- he noted.

He also suggested holding a referendum in Poland on Sunday free for all. To all those who say that we are taking away their freedom, I say: Let us hold a referendum in Poland and decide whether Sunday should be free or a normal day. work. But for everyone, not just for trade. If they want trade to work on Sunday, let there be also banks or public offices. I also don’t have time to run errands during the week and would like to go to the communications department on Sundays.”

An unknown number is calling – 222571146. Did you not answer? Must

Trading Sunday 2022 – What are the exceptions to the act?

no trade It took effect four years ago on Sunday. This is one of the most important projects of the PiS government. Initially, the regulations were partially in force and only one Sunday of the month was non-commercial. Every year, the law has been tightened, and the current regulations are at their climax. As of 2020, the law provides for only seven Business Sundays In the year. Their dates are related to events that increase traffic in stores, such as holidays and the end or beginning of the school year. Sundays in 2022 are also April 10 and 24, June 26, August 28, December 11 and December 18, 2022.

According to the law, they may now be opened on non-commercial Sundays Shops:

  • at liquid fuel stations;
  • in commercial establishments where the predominant activity is the flower trade;
  • in pharmacies and pharmacy outlets;
  • in animal health facilities;
  • in commercial establishments where the main activity is the trade in souvenirs or devotional items;
  • in commercial establishments where the main activity is trade in the press, tickets for public transport, tobacco products, coupons for games of chance and mutual betting;
  • In post offices within the meaning of Art. 3 point 15 of the Law of November 23, 2012 – Postal Code (Journal of Laws 2020, Articles 1041 and 2320), where the predominant activity is the provision of postal services;
  • in commercial establishments in hotel establishments;
  • in commercial enterprises in enterprises engaged in the field of culture, sports, education, tourism and recreation;
  • in commercial establishments organized solely for the purposes of festivals, exhibitions and other occasional, thematic, sports and entertainment events, also when they are located in market halls;
  • in commercial establishments, in health-care units of medical entities and other health-care facilities intended for people whose health condition requires 24-hour or all-day health services;
  • In commercial establishments at railway stations within the meaning of the Law of December 16, 2010 on public mass transport (Journal of Laws 2020, Articles 1944 and 2400), in ports and marinas within the meaning of the Law of December 20, 1996 on seaports and harbors (Journal of Laws 2021, Clause 491) and in ports and harbors within the meaning of the Law of December 21, 2000 on Inland Navigation (Journal of Laws 2020, Clause 1863) – within the scope of direct service to passengers.
  • to sell fish on fish farms, from fishing vessels and from commercial enterprises that deal exclusively with the receipt of fish products;
  • in commercial establishments at airports within the meaning of the Law of July 3, 2002 – Aviation Law (Journal of Laws 2020, item 1970 and 2021, Articles 784 and 847);
  • In the free zones
  • in transport, on board ships, as well as on merchant marine vessels, aircraft, oil platforms and other marine technical water structures;
  • in the premises of prison units;
  • in commercial establishments in the premises of military units;
  • in online stores and on online platforms;
  • when trading goods from vending machines;
  • In the case of agricultural retail trade within the meaning of the Law of August 25, 2006 on Food Safety and Nutrition (Journal of Laws 2020, Clause 2021);
  • in wholesale drugstores.
  • From June 1 to September 30 of each calendar year – in commercial establishments that trade only agricultural machinery, spare parts for these machinery, consumables for agricultural machinery, materials used during the current operation of agricultural machinery or tools for the replacement of spare parts in agricultural machinery
  • in the case of the trade in flowers, bouquets, wreaths and candles in cemeteries;
  • In funeral homes
  • in commercial establishments where the trade is carried out by the entrepreneur who is only a natural person, on his own behalf and on his own behalf;
  • in bakeries, confectionery and ice cream parlors, the main activity of which is the trade of pastries and confectionery products;
  • In commercial establishments where the predominant activity is catering.

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