Crazy match between Pogoń and Warta.  A rollercoaster of emotions and six goals

Match PAP / Jerzy Moszynski / BKO Extraklassa: Pogo Szczecin – Wartha Poznań

Sebastian Szczytkowski

Warta Poznań did not maintain the lead, nor did Pogoń Szczecin. The confrontation, full of fluctuations, ended in a 3-3 draw, which the Greens decided with a goal in extra time.

In the second Friday match of the PKO Ekstraklasa, Pogoń faced Szczecin Warta Poznań. The hosts play unevenly, which puts a big question mark over their promotion to European cups. Warta has been an unsuitable opponent for Pogoń in the past and was capable of causing Twardowski problems.

After being promoted to the elite, the Greens tied three times in Szczecin. In recent matches, the balance began to tip in favor of Bogo, who achieved three victories over the Greens. In this season’s opener, Pogon beat Grodzisk Wielkopolski 1-0 thanks to Efthymis Koulouris’ strike.

Pogoń has room for Igor Korczakowski again. This was announced in part by coach Jens Gustafsson, because he said he would replace one of the young players in place of Vahan Pichakhchian, who was suspended for bookings. Marcel Wędrychowski, returning after a long injury, was on the bench. The Warta team included two former Szczecin residents, Jakub Bartkowski and Maciej Sorawski.

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It didn’t take long for Maciej Żurawski to score a goal. In the ninth minute, midfielder Leonard Kotris dribbled as he wanted and headed the ball after a cross from the left wing by Konrad Matuszkowski. The passivity of the Szczecin defenders was exacerbated by the unfortunate intervention of Valentin Cojocaru. The soccer ball rolled over the goalkeeper’s gloves. From that moment on, Warta had something to stand for.

In the 22nd minute, Efthymis Koulouris scored his second shot on the Greens’ goal this season. The Greek touched the ball after a flat cross from his compatriot Leonardo Kotris, who fired the ball. There were not enough details to equalize because the ball bounced off the crossbar and then off the side of the goal line, which was lucky for the Poznań team.

Almost nothing happened until halftime. Almost, because a blizzard broke out. The blizzard dumped heavy rain not only on the field, but also on the covered stands. Admiring the ice in Pogoń’s third match in a row was enough for the people of Szczecin, because Pogoń didn’t have much to offer.

Pogoń’s changes helped, because after a kick from substitute Mariusz Fornalczyk the score became 1-1 in the 50th minute. There was some luck in it, but he favored the brave ones. The ball hit the unlucky player Dimitrios Stavropoulos and confused Adrian Lees who was already on the ground.

Pogoń gained momentum and started playing more aggressively in the greens half. A quarter of an hour after the end of the first half, the score was for the hosts, and shortly after that they were ahead. In the 61st minute, the ball returned to the Warta goal again, and for the second time, the Warta player was the last to touch the ball. This time, Jakub Bartkowski failed as he did not stop his slide after a flat shot from Kamil Grosicki. In this way, Boujon turned the 0:1 score into 2:1.

Bogo dealt another blow to their opponents in the 78th minute. This time it was not an own goal, but a Kamil Grossicki goal that made it 3-1. The Port team exchanged passes inside the Greens’ penalty area until the Polish representative was only left in front of Adrian Leys. Kamil Grosicki didn’t think twice and shot straight into the goal on the ground. The substitute helped again – this time Luka Zahovic.

Warta added excitement to the end of the match with a shot from Dimitrios Stavropoulos to make the score 2-3. In the 82nd minute, the defender entered Bogo’s penalty area and headed the ball after a free kick from Jakob Kelp. Valentin Cojocaru failed to intervene on the goal line and thus the goal became a reality.

The goal was scored at 3:3 when the technical referee showed the number of minutes added to the normal period. Kajetan Szmyt ran dynamically into Pogoń’s penalty area and received a pass from Dario Visinger. He had plenty of time to try the net and he did so, earning a point for Poznań.

Pogon Szczecin – Wartha Poznań 3:3 (0:1)
0:1 – Maciej Sorawski 9′
1:1 – Marius Fornalczyk 50′
2:1 – Jakub Bartkowski (solo) 61′
3:1 Kamil Grosicki 78′
3:2 – Dimitris Stavropoulos 82′
3:3 – Kajetan Szmet 90′


Quest: Valentin Cojocaru: Linus Wallqvist, Benedikt Zeke, Marius Malik, Leonardo Kotris (80′ Leo Borges) – Fredrik Ulvestad (70′ Joao Gamboa) – Igor Korchakovski (46′ Marius Fornalczyk), Aleksandar Gorgon (46′ Luka Zahovic), Rafael Kurzawa . Kamil Grosicki (Wojciech Lisowski 86) – Efthymis Koulouris

News: Adrian Lies – Dimitris Stavropoulos, Mateusz Kupchak, Bogdan Thero (70′ Stefan Savic) – Jakub Bartkowski, Kajetan Smit, Maciej Sorawski (63′ Dawid Šimonović), Miguel Luis (63′ Dario Wiesinger), Konrad Matochowski – Tomas Prikrell (63′ Nelo Minba), Marton Ebel (80′ Jacob Kilb)

Yellow cards: Smit, Stavropoulos (Warta)

Judge: Marcin Štęrpovic (Olsztyn)

Viewers: 8801

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