The Plague Tale Requiem will be much longer than the first installment.  We know the date of the match

The authors of A Plague Tale Requiem are gearing up for the debut of their new Amicia and Hugo adventure, to reveal more pages. The story will be rolling out to players next week, so this is the perfect time to share a message regarding how much time it will take to complete the main story.

A Plague Tale: Patent has been warmly received by many players and reviewers, which is why the continuation of the Asobo Studio project is generating so much interest. The new part is only for consoles and computers of the current generation (Switch in the cloud), so developers will have the opportunity to create a much better setup, and during the game we will face even more opponents.

We can finish said A Plague Tale: Innocence in 10-11 hours, while the second game in the series will be much longer. Kevin Benson, chief designer at Asobo Studio, told PLAY magazine so It will take 15-18 hours to get to know the whole story in A Plague Tale Requiem.

“It’s all about speed, no filler here, don’t try to extend the match because we need it. Our publisher, Focus Interactive, encourages us to make the game as long as we want to tell the story we want.

So we don’t target a specific number of hours. This is not something we keep in mind when designing a game for the first time. We are a small team of 70 people so we have to be really radical with our choices.”

If you like the idea of ​​presenting the experiences of siblings facing the consequences of war and a horrific plague, then the developer’s message should be especially happy for you. Benson emphasized that his team does not want to artificially extend the game, so let’s prepare for the facts.

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