The World Volleyball Championship is about to begin.  Where do you watch the Polish women's matches?

On Friday, Polish women will begin competing in the World Volleyball Championships. Check where to watch matches with our players on TV and online.

Majorzata Bullock

Maria Stenzel

WP SportoweFakty / Justyna Serafin / Pictured: Maria Stenzel

The Volleyball World Championships will start on September 23 and run until October 15. Poland and the Netherlands are organizing a big event. The matches will be played in six stadiums.

Volleyball at the highest level will be held at the Arena Gliwice, Atlas Arena in لودód and Ergo Arena on the border of Gdańsk and Sopot, as well as Dutch GelreDome in Arnhem, Omnisport (Apeldoorn) and Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam.

The Polish women went to Group B, where they will compete with Croatia, Thailand, South Korea, the Dominican Republic and Turkey. The 2022 Red and White World Championship Team will open with Team Balkans.

Where can you watch the Polish national team matches on TV and on the Internet? The choice is huge. The official broadcaster of the World Championship is Telewizja Polstat, so all matches will be broadcast by Polsat Sport, Polsat Sport Extra and Polsat Sport News.

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Meetings can also be viewed online through the Polsat Box Go streaming service, but that’s not all. Stefano Lavarini’s fee suffering will also be available on TVP 2 and TVP Sport.

WP SportoweFakty will take care of the text coverage of the meetings.

The schedule of Polish women’s matches in the 2022 World Cup:

September 23
time. 18:00 / Poland – Croatia (Arnhem) – broadcast on TVP 2, TVPSPORT.PL and the Polsat Sport app.

September 27
time. 20:30 / Poland – Thailand (Gdansk / Sopot) – broadcast on TVP Sport, TVPSPORT.PL and applications, Polsat Sport.

September 28
time. 20:30 / Poland – South Korea (Gdańsk / Sopot) – Broadcast on TVP Sport, TVPSPORT.PL and Polsat Sport app.

September 29
time. 20:30 / Poland – Dominican Republic (Gdansk / Sopot) – broadcast on TVP Sport, TVPSPORT.PL and the Polsat Sport app.

October 1
time. 20:30 / Poland – Turkey (Gdansk / Sopot) – broadcast on TVP Sport, TVPSPORT.PL and the Polsat Sport app.

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