Starfield – ship building in detail
January 17, 2023, 19:40

Bethesda is in no hurry to show off a new Starfield gameplay, so the only thing left for players is to analyze (or recall) previous information about ship customization.

Image source: Bethesda Softworks.


starfield It will be released relatively soon (i.e. in the first half of 2023), unless it is confirmed recent rumors about the delay. However, since the June demo, the developers have been reluctant to show more extensive recordings of the game (A little piece of December not enough).

That is why gamers – as usual, when they suffer from a lack of official information – return to existing materialswhich showed, among other things, Build and customize ships starfield.

Below we’ve rounded up everything we officially know about this aspect of production (and a few of the speculations that surfaced after the game’s introduction).

Build it yourself

Not to mention the lack of reports in recent months, Bethesda has shown a lot about the ships. Players will be able to create their own units from the units, Including, among others, engines, cockpits, reactors and weapons.

It’s not just pure aesthetics. Each element will have a significant impact on the performance of the ship, For example, the number of crew, carrying capacity, maneuverability, durability, and the ability to land on rough terrain. The parameters will also translate to the “jump” range at the speed of light, in practice to determine which planetary systems we will visit.

It is also worth remembering that each unit will have its own mass, which will negatively affect eg. on the movement of the ship. So you have to make concessions, for example giving up heavy weapons and armor in favor of more cargo space or “jump” range.

Starfield shipbuilding in detail - Illustration #1

Anonymity is probably the last thing players think about when coloring a ship.Source: Bethesda Softworks.

Of course, we will also get a lot of options to beautify the appearance of the ship, which has nothing to do with pragmatism (players know: rather the opposite). This does not necessarily mean that this is the case within Unity (Bethesda confirmedwhich starfield will also offer customization options within the ship).

Infinite fuel

It’s worth noting that although the June footage shows the tanks, in late November, Todd Howard reappears confirmed itwhich After testing, it was decided to abandon the refueling mechanics. According to the head of Bethesda, the “empty tank” that interrupted the trip effectively killed the fun of exploring the universe. starfield.

Does this mean that fuel tanks also disappeared from the game? not nessacary. In the same interview, Howard added that The mechanic may appear in a possible survival mode.

Also, in October he pointed out about a different solution. The fuel limit can affect the distance traveled during the FTL jump. It has not been confirmed whether or not any of these solutions we will see in the game.

Cottage units

Not much has been said about the ship’s stats yet, but most of the eleven parameters revealed are self-explanatory. So we have maximum payload and crew limits, mobility, FTL speed and range, unit and shield weight and durability, and Three types of weapons (laser, ballistic and missile).

To this is added the energy consumption of the ship – respectively for weapons, engine, armor and the so-called. GRV (Grav Drive?), used for high speed jumps.

Starfield shipbuilding in detail - Illustration #2

Building enthusiasts can wring their hands – in Starfield they will never run out of options for ship customization. Source: Bethesda Softworks.

All this will be affected by ship parts, and we will not be limited to ready-made components from several manufacturers. Players will be able to establish outposts on and within planets There will be an option to produce your own units. This will likely make it easier to build a machine with dream parameters.

However, not to be too simple, modules will sometimes require a specific module “skill check”or in Polish, Some parts will only be obtained (or used) if our hero (or his crew) learns certain abilities.

We can also guess that better parts will be very expensive at the beginning of the game, or that the only way to get them (or at least significantly lower the price) is to gain the respect of the manufacturers (read: completing the tasks assigned to them by their representatives).

To be a pirate…

Starfield shipbuilding in detail - Illustration #3

In space, no one hears your knocking, but you can always invite yourself aboard someone else’s ship. Source: Bethesda.

However, there is no question of boarding the plane. starfield It will give you a lot of freedom to build your own ship, and one of the options will be Docking of other ships in order to pay a visit (even without the consent of the owners). This can be seen in the design of some pirate ships, with a hatch and magnetic thrust (?) at the front below the cockpit (via reddit).

We will have the same freedom when arranging each unit. It is possible that only practical issues will limit players’ imaginations. Especially when starfield They will get along moderates – after all, they are probably the biggest fans of Bethesda Games.

Starfield is unknown

However, many things remain uncertain. Yes, we will be able to manufacture ship parts in our own bases, but will we also build whole machines out of them? For this Number of Playerslike on Fly over rooftops thousand planet.

to remind: starfield She will not allow you to land on it yourself; Planets and outer space will be separated in the game. However, the creators did not say if this also means no spaceflights in the atmosphere. The automatic drop suggests this, but some fans don’t lose hope.

starfield It will be released this year on PC and XSX / S. The exact date is still uncertain, prof Recent leaks It indicates that the first appearance was moved from the first half of the year to the summer. It will not be announced on January 25 as part of the Developer_Direct broadcast. Microsoft has made that clear starfield We won’t be seen during this show, but he’s preparing for his own separate event.

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