Annoyed by Android clutter?  HarmonyOS offers a great solution

HarmonyOS is a system similar to Android, but Huawei has taken care of some simple and useful functions. One of them is related to the improvement of the notification bar.

According to some ManiaKs, Android is a mess, which is also visible in some overlays – for example, in realme UI. The multitude of settings, widgets, and notifications can be overwhelming, which is why many users are looking for the purest Android phones out there.

HarmonyOS also has great solutions

Hygiene in Android is also missing the top bar, which consists of a control panel with quick settings (WiFi, brightness, Bluetooth, etc.), as well as a section for alerts from the app. It convinces us that these two parts can be divided easily and intuitively HarmonyOS from Huawei.

The Chinese concluded that The quick settings section should be separate from notifications. The former can be activated by dragging your finger down from the right edge, and the latter from the center of the screen. You can switch between them easily, Criticize left or right. It’s so simple it’s great.

Control Panel without notifications in HarmonyOS / Picture from Huawei

Change in HarmonyOS, while sensitive, has its origins. The control panel has been greatly expanded, as it is included in it partitions for controlling other devices of the ecosystem, For example, headphones, cameras, fans (Huawei’s system allows them to be managed from a smartphone). There simply wasn’t enough space for app notifications.

I find this an interesting change I would like to see it on my smartphone. I love ordering and like to keep alerts in one place and user-friendly settings in another. But HarmonyOS has a little extra for me.

Important subject:

HarmonyOS is running like a storm! The update is available for 65 smartphones and tablets


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