The most popular fields of study for the year 2022/23.  More than 32 candidates for one place in Psychology

Universities publish the results of the first registration round for first-cycle studies and long-term studies for the academic year 2022/2023. Psychology prevails among the most popular colleges. At the University of Wroclaw, there were 32.4 candidates for this field of study. At the Jagiellonian University – more than twenty years.

The most popular field of study at Jagiellonian University turns out to be psychology in the Faculty of Philosophy. 2,475 people registered for it. Law came second out of 1,837 candidates. The platform was closed with a psychologist studying at the Faculty of Management and Communication (1,589 candidates). 33,427 candidates for studies applied in the first round of recruitment.

According to Jagiellonian University, the fields of study that attract the most people should not fit into the list of fields of study in which most candidates apply for a single place. The recruitment results for this year showed that the largest number of candidates for one place (20.63) decreased in the case of Psychology. She held the following positions: economics (16 candidates for one place), Japanese studies (15.57), medicine and dentistry (11.85), finance, banking, and insurance (11.8).

The most famous faculties at the University of Wroclaw

More people applied for admission to psychology at the University of Wroclaw, where there were as many as 32.4 candidates for each place. This means that out of the 100 available places, 3,244 candidates applied. The top five also included Korean Studies (28.1 candidates for one place), Picture Communication (19.4), English Studies (14.5) and Journalism and Social Communication (13.2). In total, 28,711 candidates of all types of studies were registered for studies at the University of Wroclaw.

The most popular IT majors at AGH

At the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, the most popular this year were: IT (1127 applications), IT and intelligent systems (1042 applications), and Automation and Robotics (728 applications). Highest number of candidates in terms of number of places planned in individual fields of study that applied for IT, Intelligent Systems (9.9 people for one place), Social Information Technology (8.9) and Data Engineering and Analysis (8.5). Almana Hospitals prepared 4,971 seats for the first phase studies for the next academic year.

The University of Adama Mickiewicza in Pozna will announce the results of recruitment on July 18, a day later the University of Warsaw, and the University of Gdask – on July 29.

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