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As part of the international activities coordinated by Europol, police officers fighting crime hooligans from the regional police headquarters in Katowice have investigated an organized criminal group, consisting mainly of Polish citizens coming from football fans in Silesia. As is known, the group worked across the border and smuggled migrants from the Middle East.

People were led along the so-called Eastern European Road: from the Belarusian direction to the countries of Western Europe. The commissioners of criminal practices were people of Arab origin, permanently residing in Western Europe. The group operating in Poland carried out orders and recruited drivers responsible for the transportation of foreigners, organized translations and financial settlements.

The whole project was organized on the territory of Poland by a man who has extensive contacts with international criminal groups that deal, among other things, with people smuggling. He received orders to transport illegal immigrants, constantly organized a network of drivers and means of transport. For every foreigner smuggled into Germany, he received about $1,000.

In cooperation with the border guards, from September to November last year, police officers stopped 3 transfers with 41 illegal immigrants. As a result, 4 people responsible for transportation and work as drivers fell into the hands of law enforcement officers.
Investigators found that the group carried out or attempted to smuggle about 110 migrants from Belarus to Germany 11 times during that time.

In order to closer and formalize cooperation, an agreement was signed with the Bug River Border Guard Unit. The trial was supervised by the Lublin Branch of the Organized Crime and Corruption Department of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin. Additional investigative activities allowed identification of 7 other persons associated with this practice and confirmation of their role and participation in the group.


Let people cross the border. detention

In total, 10 Silesian residents between the ages of 24 and 39 were arrested. They heard accusations of participating in an organized criminal group that organized illegal border crossings for other people, making them a permanent source of income. Some detainees will also be held responsible for possession of drugs found during searches. For crimes they have committed, they may be imprisoned for up to 8 years.

After the interrogation, the public prosecutor will decide what preventive measures will be taken against them. For future penalties and fines, investigators confiscated the detainees’ money and jewelry.

Action Day OTF FLOW

On Wednesday, July 13, international activities under the auspices of Europol “OTF FLOW Day of Action” were carried out in Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany and the United Kingdom. A total of 276 soldiers in uniform participated in the operation across Europe, and 180 in Poland alone. Law enforcement officers from Europol, the Criminal Bureau of the Police Headquarters, the District Police Headquarters in Katowice, and the Border Guard participated in the proceedings. Silesia. The uniforms of the Independent Anti-Terror Police Unit of the Police Headquarters in Katowice and officers of the Border Guard Security Service were the first to enter the apartments selected for detention.

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