The most famous quarrel between neighbors.  Premiere of Sami Soy's film “The Beginning” in Kielce

What is the beginning of the famous trilogy about Kargol and Pavlak? Cinema viewers across Poland will be able to catch it on Friday (February 16).

– This is a film that will bring not only smiles, but emotions as well – about Sami Soy. “The beginning,” say the actors playing the lead roles of Kargule and Pavlak. On Sunday (February 11) the ceremonial premiere of the film about the origins of the famous neighborhood conflict took place in Kielce.

“Sami Al-Sawy. The Beginning is a film in which viewers can follow the fate of Kargul and Pawlak before their arrival in the recovered lands, when they were neighbors in a village in Podolia. As Karol Dziuba, who plays Władysław Kargul, says, facing this character was a challenge that brought a lot of satisfaction .

– I try to deal with each role the best I can. When I learned that I would be playing the role of Kargol, it was a beautiful feeling for me and I was happy to share this news with my family. On set, the biggest challenge for me was mastering the technical aspects of the main characters' speech and their oriental accent. Although I dealt with this task with some calm, as we know from the previous parts, because as we know from the previous parts, Kargol did not run as much as Pawlak – he adds.

According to Carol Dziuba, viewers can not only experience humorous moments during the show, but also emotional ones.

In turn, Adam Bobek, who plays Kazimierz Pawlak, said that she tried not to compete with the original version created by the genius Wakolaf Kowalski.

– The character Pawlak, created by Wakwaf Kowalski, was an inspiration and support for me. His creation was unique and impossible to imitate or surpass. However, I decided to extract the best from her – gestures, demeanor and natural tone. He confirms that I assumed that this was the authentic character I would play.

Adam Bobek notes that while filming in Świętokśski Voivodeship, he was fascinated by the landscape and atmosphere of the ethnographic park in Tokarnia – “I felt the authenticity of this place, and I had a great time playing there,” he adds.

Radio Kelsey frequently visited the film's filming location in the Ethnographic Park of Tokarnia, to monitor the progress of the film's production.

Kelsey. Helios. Premiere of Sami Soui's film. beginning. Artur Żmijewski / Photos. Jaroslaw Kobalski – Radio Kielce

The production script was developed by Andrzej Mularczyk, the author of the previous three parts of the Kargul and Pawlak saga. The director of Sami Soy's film “The Beginning” is Artur Żmijewski, who emphasizes that the film is not a repetition of an already known story, but a new look at it.

– This is a retelling of a completely different story, about a completely different world and a different moment and years in the life of our heroes that we know from the trilogy. I was born a year before the premiere of Samych Swoich, meaning we are the same age. I have watched this movie many times, and it has been with me since I was little. I admit that when I had the opportunity to make a film set before the heroes' departure for the Reclaimed Lands, I felt as if I had grabbed hold of God's legs, he says.

Artur Żmijewski hopes that the production will present viewers with many surprises.

– I hope they surprise all our heroes with their acting. As for the famous actors like Ania Demna, Adam Ferenczi, Wojtek Malajkat, Zbiszek Zamachowski or Mirek Baka, I have no doubt that it will be an acting party. “I also hope that with everyone's artistic concert, you will definitely be surprised by our main characters played by Adam Bobek and Karol Dziuba,” he adds.

Recalling the work in the film in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, the film director emphasizes that thanks to the work of set designers, the ethnographic park in Tokarnia was brought to life to create a vibrant village, corresponding to the legendary Krużewniki where the characters reside.

See how the outdoor areas of the Tokarnia Ethnographic Park were transformed into a film set.

Weronika Homai, who plays Mania Zebica, Kazimierz Pawlak's future wife, emphasizes that the time spent on the set of “Samych Swoich” was an extraordinary experience.

– I had a great time working with Adam Bobek, with whom I spent most of the time on set, and with director Artur Zimewski. We wanted to look at the trilogy with fresh eyes, although it is impossible to avoid comparisons. Our goal was to tell a completely new story. The biggest challenge for me was the fact that the film takes place over a period of 20 years, so my heroine faces adulthood and other changes, but the excellent costumes and makeup helped me with that,” she adds.

Kelsey.  Helios.  Premiere of Sami Soui's film.  Home / Photo by Jaroslaw Kobalski - Radio Kielce
Kelsey. Helios. Premiere of Sami Soui's film. Home / Photo by Jaroslaw Kobalski – Radio Kielce

The film partner is Świętokrzyskie County. “We are our people,” Marshal Andrzej Petkowski stressed. “The Beginning” is a reference to one of the most famous stories in Polish cinema.

– “On Your Own” is a cult film that each of us knows and probably carries in our hearts, and since some of the filming was scheduled to take place in the ethnographic park of Tokarnia, this prompted us to support this production and use its promotional potential – he explains.

The marshal admitted that he was a fan of the adventures of the feuding Kargol and Pavlak. Why?

– They are “ours”, “theirs”. He adds: Every one of us comes from the countryside, at least partly, and this atmosphere, even though we live in completely different circumstances, is still present in us somewhere.

The film's images were taken before, among others: on Earth Ethnographic Park of Tokarnia And on the Holy Cross. Viewers across Poland will be able to witness the fate of Kargol and Pavlak on the silver screen from Friday, February 16.

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