I take potatoes to the car and solve a typical problem.  The trick is great
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You no longer have to use store-bought products, because there are products that are many times better. It is environmentally friendly, much cheaper and you do not need to prepare any multi-ingredient products. All you have to do is eat one raw potato. You won't believe what it can be used for. It costs almost nothing, but it will deal with the annoying problem of steamy windows. How do vegetables deal well with this weather phenomenon? And all thanks to the starch contained in it.

Many drivers suffer from the problem of window fogging mainly in the fall and winter, when there are large temperature differences. In stores and gas stations, sellers offer chemicals that protect windows from fogging. However, the use of such products is not necessarily necessary. Potatoes come to the rescue.

How to use potatoes to fight fog on windows?

First, rinse the vegetables well, removing any remaining soil or other impurities. Then cut the tuber into two equal parts and use the resulting halves to carefully rub the glass on both sides (from the inside and outside of the car) in such a way as to cover it with a thin layer of starch. Wait a few minutes for the surface to dry, then rinse the glass carefully with a soft cloth (alternatively, you can use old socks).

How do potatoes work on windows?

The tuber contains starch, which creates a thick protective layer on the glass. This coating protects the surface from water vapor condensation. Starch is a complex sugar, so it consists of many glucose molecules, linked together by glycosidic bonds. Starch can bind water and produce a gelatinous substance. This, in turn, reduces the surface tension of the liquid and prevents its accumulation on the glass.

Thanks to the potato method mentioned above, you will avoid fogging the windows and will also clean and polish the glass elements of the car, for example, mirrors.

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