Anastasia Bazora opened up about her own complexes.  I was ashamed of my face, I was ashamed of my ears and my hair.

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Anastasia Bazora She is the eldest daughter of Cezary Pazura from his first marriage, who deals with drawings on a daily basis. Recently, her works were opened in the Sixth Floor Theater in Warsaw. Among other things, the artist spoke about the exhibition in a reportage broadcast on the Saturday issue of the “Good Morning” program. the television“I also shared an honest confession about her complexes.

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This was the opening of Anastasja Bazora’s business

Anastasia Bazora frankly about her complexes

The exhibition mentioned by Anastazja Pazura was titled “Shame”, referring to her personal experience. The graphic designer stated in the material of the popular breakfast program that her complexes appeared at some point in her life, so she decided to delve into this issue.

I was ashamed of my face, ashamed of my ears and my hair. In fact, at some point, I was ashamed of my whole image, so I found that I had to dig deeper and see what I really meant – she said

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She admitted that while feeling shy can’t be completely fought, she’s learned to deal with it. She is also kinder to herself.

She added that I have more understanding towards myself and towards others.

While talking to different people about it, I realized that she is not the only one with this problem. Hence her latest print, which can be viewed in the Sixth Floor Theater until October 21.

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Edita and Cesare Bazor can’t be missing in vernissagewho admired the work of the graphic artist. The daughter of the actor has a close relationship with her stepmother, father and siblings. The whole family gets together often and shared moments are celebrated on social media. There, for example, the dance of the actor and his eldest daughter was immortalized.

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